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RAPP Switch Guide

Trouble Shooting when Switching Restaurants to RAPP

RAPP Switch Guide

1. Intro to Rapp

2. Why Switch?

3. Switch Process
3.1 STEP 1
3.2 STEP 2
3.3 STEP 3
4. Trouble Shooting
3.1 General Info
3.2 Google Play
3.3 Printer
3.4 Old Application Still
3.5 Orders Processing Issues
3.6 Glitches in Rapp
3.7 Other Issues

RAPP Switch Guide

Intro to Rapp

RAPP Switch Guide

Intro to rapp

● Full native Android application built to replace

the VendorBackend (VBE) on pandora
● Native Android application minimizes system
resources that are required and ensures that
the app runs smoother and faster compared
to the “old” VBE which heavily relies on more
demanding web technology
● VBE is old technology that will be deprecated
after the rollout of RAPP
● Device Authentication, ‘One-click log in’ (no
need for passwords)
● Built/recommended for tablets (landscape
mode only) + optimized for mobile

RAPP Switch Guide

Why Switch?

RAPP Switch Guide

Why Switch?

• Current restaurant application is slow and provides an inconsistent

user experience - amplified by the surge in chain partnerships and
the volume they bring

• There is urgency because infrastructure is tightly coupled to

platform and there is minimal support/maintenance for legacy
restaurant-facing technology

• There should be no ‘downtime’ for the restaurants (lost orders)

RAPP Switch Guide

Switch Process

RAPP Switch Guide

Step 1: Unpair your printer

• Inside the VBE app you find a popup

on the left corner of the screen,
urging restaurants to upgrade their

• Restaurant needs to click on “Learn


• A pop-up appears urging restaurants

to unpair their printer

• Click on unpair

RAPP Switch Guide

Step 2: Install the New App

• Click on “Download New App Now”

• Make sure to click “OK” when

warning pops up regarding potential
harm to your device

• Click on “OPEN”

• Click “INSTALL”

RAPP Switch Guide

Step 3: Open Rapp

• Click on the “rapp” icon on your


• Wait for registration to complete

• Pair the printer to RAPP: Go to

settings page, click Bluetooth printer.
Click “connect”

• Continue receiving your orders on


The Old VBE app can

continue to be used until
restaurant is successfully
online on Rapp

RAPP Switch Guide

Trouble Shooting

RAPP Switch Guide

General Approach: things to know

❖ Device ID/ Serial Number is reflected at the bottom right of the login page / it is the primary
identifier for authentication

❖ Tip: Restarting a tablet does wonders!

❖ When an issue occurs that is not already included in the guidelines or is marked as resolved,
please document it and notify in the appropriate slack channel, always provide order
code/vendor code
❖ Slack battlestations:
❖ Switching existing restaurants and troubleshooting - #rapp-rollout-{2 digit country code}

❖ Onboarding new restaurants / requesting for ID - #rapp-device-mgt

RAPP Switch Guide

Bluetooth Printer
❖ Unable to find Bluetooth printer
1. Go onto the Mobilock Bluetooth Manager app
2. Unpair the printer that is currently paired -> 'Forget’
3. Go back to Rapp and try searching for the printer again

❖ Unable to pair Bluetooth printer

1. Ensure bluetooth printer is switched on/has sufficient thermal rolls
2. Re-enter settings page (Go to Orders Processing and back for example)
3. Try searching and pairing again
4. You should see a printout if pairing is successful
Or, Alternatively:
1. Go into settings (outside mobilock)
2. Go into “Manage Apps” (or “Apps” for Lenovo)
3. Click on “Clear Data”
4. Try to pair again inside rapp

❖ Special characters not showing up correctly on receipt

1. Turn off bluetooth printer (hold down power button and ensure feed doesn't work)
2. Press and hold power button. With power button held down, press and hold 'Feed' as well
3. You should see the LED light turn on if done right. Release both buttons after 15 seconds
4. Printout should indicate that 'ASCII Mode is activated' (if feed shows anything else, retry from 1.)

RAPP Switch Guide

Google Play Services

❖ App Update not possible due to Google Play

1. Look for application on tablet homepage (in Mobilock) called Google Play Services/Google Settings
2. Click on icon and allow update. Re-enter rapp
3. Wait a few minutes for update to take place
4. Escalate to RPS if problem persists
❖ Google Account not working/ Can’t find Google Play Services
➢ Change the google account settings from foodora email to dh.rps gmail account. Can only be done
remotely (outside of mobilock).

❖ Account credentials:
(Swedish example, change the “se” to your country code)
❖ If no mobilock:
1. Go to “settings”
2. Go to “accounts”
3. Remove foodora email account
4. Add new account:

RAPP Switch Guide

Old Application Still Rings on New Order

❖ Solution 1
1. Go into previous Restaurant Application. Select Menu and Refresh
2. Check that side-drawer does not have Orders Processing tab
3. If yes, go to restaurant.foodora.xx/admin.
4. Look for vendor and ensure all users have OP removed from role

❖ Solution 2
1. Clear data for old restaurant platform in settings outside mobilock

❖ Solution 3
1. Delete the old app -> only if rapp is successfully online and receiving orders

RAPP Switch Guide

Orders Processing Issues 1
❖ Orders stuck on 49 (= waiting for a rider to accept order)

1. Check that the Delivery Platform and the Checkbox `RPS` is set for the Vendor in the Backend
2. Verify that the affected Vendor has different ID's in the Backoffice (`external Id` and `id` must be different!)
3. If the ID's are the same or one of the ID is `pending` notify it in the channel with the hint that the order is
stuck in 49. If you have the possibility share the Device SN as well.
4. If the ID's are different check that a `Private UUID` is set for this device
5. If everything is correct please notify in the slack channel that the order is stuck.

RAPP Switch Guide

Orders Processing Issues 2
❖ Orders not received on Rapp (53s)
➢ If issue is duplicate accounts in back office: verify serial number with vendor and delete the account with
the wrong serial number
➢ If configuration issue: notify RPS

❖ Orders accepted on rapp, but backend not triggered (53s)

➢ Usually configuration issue or System Down, should not happen. If it happens escalate to RPS

❖ Restaurant not being able to accept or decline the order

➢ configuration issue, being fixed
➢ cancel order and ask customer to place order again

RAPP Switch Guide

Glitches in Rapp
❖ “Oops, Something went wrong” message appears in the app
1. Check that tablet is connected to the Internet
2. Re-enter Rapp application and select Try Again
3. Escalate to RPS along with restaurant details if problem persists
Note: Sometimes not related to internet - suggest to refresh a couple of times.
❖ App Lay-out is breaking/looks strange
1. New application runs in landscape mode
2. Check that Mobilock group is "foodora (country) (rapp)".
3. Go to homepage menu (top right), select Refresh and ensure tablet is set physically in landscape
4. Escalate with screenshots if problem persists
❖ Log-in page is loading for a long time
1. Check the device management back office configuration that device is set to 'Active’ and with the
right fields
2. If serial number is wrong, search under Devices for the supposed S/N
3. Ensure that the device details (especially vendor id) is
copied over from the wrongly created device profile
4. Set to Active and get restaurant to select Try Again
5. Delete the wrongly configured device profile 1

RAPP Switch Guide

Other Issues

❖ Tablet Volume is low/ poor ringing volume

1. When adjusting volume, there should be a dropdown
to select from the different sources (Ringer etc)
2. Ensure that 'Notifications’ volume is set to the maximum
3. Otherwise, go to tablet settings > sound settings > ensure
'Notifications' volume is set to maximum

❖ Asus Tablets can’t complete the updates

1. Request Replacement, old app should be running until rapp is online

❖ Brightness issue
1. Adjust in Mobilock settings

RAPP Switch Guide