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Burgos, Spain

Community Anchors
Awakin Circles
• All started with an act of kindness
• 5 years every Monday
• 5+ Hosts who offer their home
• 20 people average

• Ripples: inner peace, further inner explorations; noble

friendships; pull for people to stay in Burgos; people
opening their homes; myriad of initiatives…

• Nurturing: steping up my capacity to love; relationships

first projects follow; conversations with hosts (from
guiding to listening- minimal intervention).
Karma Kitchen
• 16 events in the last 2 years
• The Host is Amazing
• 50+ people average

• Ripples: the ‘poor’ giving and the ‘rich’ receiving-

everyone receiving, people offering- food, gifts, attitude
of service; beauty spreading; reflections on gifting,
different forms of wealth…

• Nurturing: increase my capacity to keep relationships

alive with more people; emails afterwards; connecting
opportunities of service, engagement matrix.
HHH Retreats
• 10+ retreats in 3 years
• Family offers our Home
• 25 – 30 people

• Ripples: pull for people to stay in Burgos, Karma

Saloon, House of Wellbeing, Volunteer retreat,
Awakin Madrid, Free Hugs, Gift Circles, Peace
TreesByako & ServiceSpace.

• Nurturing: cultivating a tireless mind; email

multiplication; local physical space?; 2nd retreat
coming up, re-love-ution newsletter…
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What’s coming?

•Start Up Service Retreat

•Mother’s Retreat
•Volunteers retreat
•Karma Kitchen is back

•More Aurovilles?
Some edges & challenges
Online feed in spanish

Protect people after experiences. How wide we

can go?

How to grow the Immersion part of Spectrum?

How to go deeper in offering sustaining

livelihoods rooted on these principles?