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Myers-Briggs Type

Indicator (MBTI)
Bardia Ilbeigi| Block 4| Feb 22
INTRO: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
 What is MBTI?
MBTI is introspective self report questionnaire which indicates different physiological
preferences in how people see the world around them and react.
 How does it work?
To find out which of the 16 different personality types is yours you must answer a wide series of
questions in order for the computer to process your thoughts and define you as a part of a
 When was it developed?
The MBTI was created in the year 1943.
 Where is it from?
The questionnaire was originally developed in United States by Kathrin Cook Briggs and her
daughter Isabel Briggs Myers.
My Personal BMTI Test Results
General Characteristic Summaries of My Personality
 ENTJs are decisive
 ENTJs are natural-born leaders with the ability to direct and give roles
to accomplish goals with a fast paste
 ENTJs do not need much encouragement to make plans
 ENTJs can become argumentative when challenged
 ENTJs remain resolute in conflict
Details of Each Letter of My Character Part 1
 Extraverted  iNtuitive
Outgoing Instinctive

talkative Using past knowledge

energetic behavior Based on what one feels to be true

An extravert’s source and direction of energy expression is A person believes mainly information he or she
mainly in the external world receives from the internal or imaginative world
Details of Each Letter of My Character Part 2
 Thinking  Judging
Intelligent Judging means that a person organizes all of his life
events and, as a rule, sticks to his plans.
Using thought or rational judgment

A person makes a decision mainly through logic
Learning styles & communication skills
How ENTJs acquire, memorize and recollect
• Likes to learn things that will help him solve problems
• The more thoroughly they can learn how, the greater
the ENTJs show interest in the topic
• ENTJs like to learn about popular interests
• Like to find solutions to big problems
• ENTJs are receptive to materials that are presented in a
theoretical form
• New information flows easily through the ENTJs mind
from previous information given
• This learning type quickly grasps how new information
can be applied in various ways
• ENTJs learn well in an organized educational system
• ENTJs are capable of mechanical memorization but less
than when the learning is based on a generalized
understanding of the material
My Opinion

Agree Disagree

I think that the information on my I disagree with “wanting to learn things

learning styles highly accurate , as I need that help me solve problems” helping
an organized educational system to work me learn better because even though I
with efficiency, generalization of topics think it is useful to learn such things, I
flows easily through my mind and helps also do not mind learning just for the
me learn better, and I like learning about sake of learning. I think that learning all
popular topics to keep up to date with information is useful, not just ones that
everyone's information. help me solve issues.
3 Suggested Careers for My Personality Type
Business Manager Lawyer Engineer

Business managers are Engineers apply the

As a lawyer you would
responsible for overseeing principles of science and
be an advocate, advisor,
and supervising a mathematics to develop
and counselor to the
company's activities and clients you represent. economical solutions to
employees. technical problems.
Career Summary

I agree with the results from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), it makes
complete sense with the jobs that the application has recommended me. My father is
a civil engineer, my brother studies law, and I want to go into business management
and commerce. Which just shows the accuracy of the test. Although I do disagree with
some of the alternatives that the test has recommended. I personally would not like to
go into politics or military education but the test results have recommended these
careers. Overall, I believe that the test was good and that it has helped me be more
sure about the career path that I have chosen.