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Taking Action

• Learning Assistance Class – was disbanded one year ago
• Learning Assistance Program – if students in grade 6 tested 2
years behind grade level they were placed in the Learning
Assistance Program. Students were then removed from
regular classes and given one on one support with the
resource teacher. This will have a new look next year.
• 340 Students in our school
• 43% of our population is Indigenous
• Our city has the 3rd highest poverty rate in Canada as per our
• Next year – hiring an Occupational Therapist (Junior Life Skills
• Full time Outreach coordinator
Learning Assistance Program
• Inclusive Education – SRV Theory - How can we give students the
“Good Things in Life?”
• Social Emotional Learning – How can we build positive relationships
that are a motivation for learning, how can positive self-image and
self-esteem improve through empowerment and responsibility.
• Recognize what we all bring to the table for our students.
• Inclusive Instructional Practice vs. Exclusion – What does that look
• Systems and Structures – collaborative, co-teaching, mentorship
• Provide service and support to foster positive relationships in an
inclusive setting - leadership, collaboration, mentorship
• Advocate for student success!!!
LAP Teacher
1. consultation – Advice on Support
2. Co-Teaching – Support Instruction IN the
3. Team Teaching – co-plan, co-teach, co-assess
Consult, Collaborate, Coach

We each bring a different expertise to the table.


We have a responsibility to build students’ self-esteem and

belief in the possibility of success by making changes to
their learning environment.
Student Advisory Group
Whole School Survey
Response to Intervention
Tier 1
• All students are receiving core classroom teaching
• On going assessments – curriculum based
• Assess the best way to teach – consider this – not all students
learn the same way. Figure out how our students learn best
and teach that way.
• Whole group, small group, individual instruction
• Who’s the expert??
• Differentiated Instruction – instructional supports, learning
teams, inquiry groups, small group reviews, direct teaching
***struggling students are identified and interventions
(technology, alternative responses, visuals) are applied***
Initiate Assessment and
Subsequent Programming
• Interventions to small group or whole class
• Chunking, creating opportunity for
movement, smart board activities
Tier 3
 Arranging assessments for those students
who are continuing to struggle and
develop IEP’s
Key Points to remember…
…understand that these interventions may help ALL of the
students in your classroom.
...previously labelled “resource kids” may not be the same
students at different times throughout the year
…through regular assessment, a student may no longer need a
specific intervention…or they may need Tier 3 interventions

We want to eliminate the academic and social exclusion of

students working at the back of the room with an EA or other
adults. Our goal is to create an inclusive classroom, where all
students are offered the opportunity to learn alongside their
Vision, Mission, Goals