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God & Goddess of Justice

 Shamash, the Babylonian sun god of law and


 For Hebrew ELOHAY Mishpat- is their god of


 Astraea/ Themis- Greek goddess of Justice.

 The Roman goddess of justice was called Justitia

was often portrayed as evenly balancing both
scales and swords and wearing a blindfold
 Mitra Indian justice god in Vedic times - invoked
when oaths are sworn and with a thousand eyes
at his command he can easily spot oath-breakers
and liars
 Yama Dharmaraja is the lord of justice for Hindu
Society and in sometimes referred as Dharmaraja
- he also referred as lord of death
 Mithra Iranian god of the sun , justice contract
and war in pre- Zoroastrians Iran
 Ahura Mazda –god of justice in Zoroastrians