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My Family and Me

All you need to know about me and my family

Directions for Project

S You will create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation about

your family. While you can use any and all family members
that you wish, you MUST use the family members and
people that live in your house. You will create a separate
slide for each of your family members and you must have
the following information about each family member on
each of their slides.

• Their name must be • You must have their • You must list three
centered and larger birthday, month and facts about them in a
than ALL other text. year, and city they bulleted list and have
were born in. one picture that
**See the example on the next slide. represents each fact.
Sisley Vallejo, MY MOM

S Born in 1978 In
Michoacan Mexico

S My mom plays candy crash

S She likes to eat obleas

Guillermo Vallejo, MY DAD

Born January 27, 1967 in

Birthday january 27

He likes to work

He is marrid

He likes to eat chicken soup

Yelsis Vallejo, My Sister

S Born in Augest 2 2000 in inglewood CA

S Birthday Augest 2

S She likes to be on her phone

S She likes to eat chinese food

S She likes to play pokemon go

Fabian Vallejo. My Brother

S Born June 21 2004 in los Angeles CA

S Birthday june 21

S He likes to eat pan dulce

S He likes to play fortnite

S He likes to eat Takis

Johnny Martinez

Born on
December 15, 2011
In Palm Springs,

• Loves watching YouTube

• Already has a girlfriend at school
• Still plays Pokémon Go