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The Development of Innovative Chemistry Learning

Material for
Bilingual Senior High School Students in Indonesia

Ramadhani Putri Lestari. S
NIM: 8186141001

 Manihar Situmorang, Marham Sitorus and Wesly Hutabarat

State University of Medan
 Zakarias Situmorang
Katolik Santo Thomas University of Medan
• The process of learning and teaching bilingual science
using english as a second language is implemented in
many countries, including in Indonesia
• The bilingual teaching system is conducted in Indonesian
and English for excellent classes in selected schools
• Most of the schools are still using chemistry textbook that
are published in Indonesian language, while the learning
instructions are given in English.
• It is needed to design a teaching and learning material
for bilingual teaching to make the teaching activities
effective and efficient
• Improving the quality of education could be performed
through innovation in the teaching and learning
• The aim of this study is to develop an innovative chemistry
learning material for bilingual SHS students to meet the
requirement of national curriculum in Indonesia
• The development is carried out by enhancing the
chemistry topics with local contents, followed by
integration of laboratory experiments, learning media, the
contextual applications, and the hyperlink of trusted
website on relevant chemistry topics.
• Innovation is conducted to provide standard learning
material for bilingual students to make it easy to learn, to to
facilitate the students to learn chemistry intensively, and to
improve students competence.

What is innovative learning materials can

increase student motivation and achievement
in chemistry teaching?

Is there a correlation between motivation and

student achievement in chemistry teaching?
Population and Sample
• Teaching materials
• Chemistry Lecturer
• Chemistry teacher
Object • Bilingual students

Populat • Students SHS with science majors


• SHS in Tebing Tinggi

• SHS in Berastagi
Sample • SHS in Kisaran
Development of
Chemical material is
prepared with scientific
content with contextual
examples, integration of
experiments, media and
learning strategies

Standart format include

content, language,
illustrations, examples of
problems, exercise, answer
keys and design visibility

Chemical material consists of

four chapters, designed in
print and electronic forms
Teaching Treatments and Data

The teacher teaching

is treatment
responsible for the
for selecting experimenta Measure
the target l class using students
test (postest
sample, conduct innovative motivation
1) at the end
introducing initial chemical by using a
of learning.
innovative evaluation learning questionnair
after 1
laearning for sample materials e that has
month of
materials, classes and control been
evaluating, classes distributed
and using to students
(post test)
distributing existing
questionnair chemical
es textbooks
There are 4 chapters of chemical material that have been
developed. each chapter consists of a complete sub-chapter
based on the national curriculum in Indonesia
Development has been carried out through the integration of
relevant laboratory experiments, contextual applications,
Developme illustrations to support chemicals, problem examples and
nt and problem solving, teaching and learning media to help students
Standards to conduct independent studies, chemical problems and key
for Learning answers to problem solving, and relevant addresses website
Chemistry learning materials are also provided with specific
elements such as 1 teacher guide using teaching materials, a
list of student activities, time allocation, media and learning
strategies, and evaluation tests 2. student worksheets 3.
exercises and problem solving answers 4. evaluation tests
Standardization of Chemistry Learning Material

• The contents of the chemical based on the completeness of

the subject matter, and the accuracy of the content are
categorized as very good
• Chemicals have also been presented in good order, they
consist of introductions, main concepts, examples of
problems and solutions, and the application of contextual
chemical topics in real life
• The material is also written in English that suits the needs
of SHS bilingual students in Indonesia
• The communication of science used in learning material is
simple, easy to read, the message is written
straightforwardly, and chemical terms and symbols are
written accurately
Students Performance on Chemistry before
Teaching Treatments

• The results from pretest showed that the students have

relatively low performance in chemistry, probably from
guessing the answer, where students achievement in
experimental class (M = 25.0) almost equal to control class
(M = 25.1). These results confirmed that all samples are
homogen with relative having the same knowledge on
chemistry for all topics in both experimental and control
Implementation of Innovated Chemistry Learning
Material in Chemistry Teaching

• The average of student

achievements in experimental
Posttes1 classes(M = 83.0) is found higher
than that in control class (M = 73.5),
• The average of students
achievement on chemistry in
Postes 2 experimental class (M = 80.5) is
higher than that in controlclass (M =

 the average affectivity of the developed innovative chemistry learning

material (97%) is found higher than that the existing chemistry textbook
(82.5%) they use in the target schools.
Students Motivation to Learn Chemistry

There are positive correlation between the

student’s motivations with the student’s
achievement in chemistry subject,

Results of
student Experimental class (R² = 0.711) is higher than
learning that in control class (R² = 0.467)

The average value of students motivation in

experimental class is categorized as high
motivation (M = 95.4),
The average value of students motivation to
study chemistry in control class is categories
as media (M = 67.8).
 Innovative chemistry learning materials have been
developed and standardized to meet the needs of
competency-based curriculum for SHS bilingual schools
in Indonesia
 The material developed has been used as a medium in
the teaching and learning process can improve student
achievement in chemistry
 Innovative learning material can motivate students to
study chemistry
 There is a positive correlation between student
motivation and student achievement in chemistry