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May 2018: The retreat of our anchors around Vietnam with Nipun.

They come from major cities

in Vietnam (Hanoi, Sai Gon, Hue, Da Nang) and from the rural areas. In cities, our anchors
engage with local communities in building playgrounds, school gardens and community
gardens. In the rural areas, our anchors are “back-to-the farm” and engage in “whatever
emergence” that unfolds. I am more involved with archors in the cities, while my sister Hang Mai
(whom Nipun also calls sister) is more involved with “back-to-the farm” friends.
Since 2014, we trained 300 youth around the country. 2 cities of Hoi An and Hue
have became the most ”happening hubs” with Awakin Circles and lots of
In Hoi An, our Awakin Circle started last year. We meet very Friday evening from 6PM-8.30PM at
my house.
In Hoi An: we build earth home as a classroom for children.
In Hoi An we hold weekly arts class at the local community center.
In Hoi An we run an arts studio where we organize regular concerts, arts talks and
In Hue, Awakin Circle started since Nipun visit in May 2018. They meet every Saturday
from 5PM-8PM.
In Hue we run a CSA (community support agriculture) in an urban farm.
In Hue, we organize monthly Play Street in public spaces
In Hue we run school gardens in local schools