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The Flat Earth Bible

01 of 10 - Introduction
The Purpose of these Presentations
1. To show how ridiculous the claims of Biblical
inerrancy made by Christian Fundamentalists
are.(Islamic & Hindu Fundamentalists make similar
claims for their Religions)

2. To show that if you believe that every word of the

Bible is literally true, then you have to believe in a
Flat Earth.

3. To provide ammunition for those trying to fight of the

unwanted attention of aggressive Fundamentalist
Evangelists who will not take ”No” for an answer.
Purpose (Continued)
Many Christian Fundamentalist groups often seek out
the most vulnerable groups such as Foreign Students
who may be feeling lonely and isolated in a strange
new Country and feign friendship in order to lure them
into their orbit.

Such people are often unprepared for the unfamiliar,

well rehearsed and devious conversion techniques that
are likely to be used against them.

This is why they are selected as easy targets

Definition of Christian Fundamentalism
1. The belief that the Bible is divinely inspired, of
supernatural origin and not merely a human
2. The belief that the Bible is literally true in all
instances and inerrant on absolutely all matters.
3. The belief that the Conservative Evangelical
Protestant interpretation of the Bible is the only
acceptable one.
4. The belief that non-Fundamentalists are serving the
Devil, either knowingly or unknowingly.
5. The belief that the whole World should be a
Theocracy based on the Fundamentalists
interpretation of the Bible..
Christianity does not equal
1. Christian Fundamentalists are almost entirely
Conservative, Evangelical Protestants.

2. Many often try to monopolise the word “Christian”

and use it in a narrow and exclusive way.

3. In reality, they are a small but very vocal minority

of the Worlds 2 Billion Christians.

4. Christian Fundamentalism is very well organised

with enormous resources and very extreme views.

5. They often use very clever, but misleading

arguments that do not stand up to close scrutiny.
Christian Fundamentalism in perspective

Protestants 6 – 7 %

Protestants 18-19 %
Roman Catholic
Christians 60 %

Christians 15 %

Protestant Fundamentalists are a small percentage of the Worlds 2 Billion

Christians.Other Christian Fundamentalist or similar groups are quite small.
Jehovah’s witnesses have about 7 million members
and Mormons have about 13 million.members.
According to the Bible
1. The Earth is Flat, Circular & held up by
Pillars in a Cosmic Ocean.
2. The Sky is solid & held up by Pillars.
3. Heaven is a place up in the Sky where God
4. The Sun, Moon & Stars are just little lights
in the Sky moving around a stationary
5. Dead people exist under the ground.
6. Jesus & his Disciples believed all of the
Bibles used

It is very hard to find a version of the Bible that is acceptable to everyone.

Protestant Fundamentalists & Mormons tend to prefer the King James
Version. Jehovah's Witnesses use the New World Translation.
Bibles used
Revised Standard Version

King James Version

Good News Bible

Jerusalem Bible

New World Translation

Hebrew-English Jewish Bible
The Biblical Map of the World

All the parts

of the World
Europe mentioned in
(Descendants of Japheth)
the Bible fit
into this map.

Asia The Americas,

Jerusalem (Descendants
of Shem) East Asia,
(Descendants Africa and
of Ham) Australia
were unknown
to the writers
of the Bible
The Biblical Cosmos (See next page)
Legend for Biblical Cosmos
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