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by. Dyah Rohma Wati,M.Pd
a. Welcome Your Audience & Introduction
• Welcome to [name of company or event]. My name is
[name] and I am the [job title or background information].
• Thank you for coming today. I’m [name] and I’m looking
forward to talking with you today about [your topic].
• Good morning/afternoon ladies and gentlemen. I’d like to
quickly introduce myself. I am [name] from [company or
position]. (formal)
b. Capture Their Attention
•Have you ever heard that [insert interesting fact or shocking
•Before I start, I’d like to share a quick story about [tell your
•I remember [tell your story, experience or memory]…

c. Identify Your Goal or Topic of Presentation

• This morning I’d like to present our new [product or service].
• Today I’d like to discuss…
• Today I’d like to share with you…
• What I want to share with you is…
d. Outline Your Presentation
• Today I will be covering these 3 (or 5) key points…
• In this presentation, we will discuss/evaluate…

e. Capture Your Audience’s Attention

• Personal story or experience
• Motivational quote or line from a poem or book
• Joke (be careful with this – make sure it translates easily to
everyone in the
• audience!)
a. Organizing Key Points
Key Point Supporting Detail
Supporting Detail
Supporting Detail

Key Point Supporting Detail

Supporting Detail
Supporting Detail

 Key Point Supporting Detail

Supporting Detail
Supporting Detail
b. Avoid Jargon
Jargon = Bahasa yang digunakan pada kelompok tertentu

c. Keep it Simple
Simple = understandable = mudah dipahami

d. Signposting
Signposting= petunjuk chart, picture, video, etc
e. Useful Expression
Starting a Topic
• Let’s start with…
• Let’s start by looking at
• I’d like to start with

Moving from Topic to Topic

• Now, let’s take a look at…
• Now, I’d like to move on to…
• I’ll move on to my next point which is…
• Moving on to the next point, I’d like to…
• Now, let’s move on…
Referring to Previous Information
• As I mentioned earlier…
• As I mentioned in the introduction…
• As you may remember, I shared…
• As we touched on earlier…

Introducing Numbers, Graphs, or Charts

• I’d like to bring your attention to this chart/graph…
• To illustrate this point, please look at…
• To highlight this…
• This graph/chart illustrates…
Giving Examples
• For instance…
• For example…

Rhetorical Questions*
*A rhetorical question is a question you ask but you don’t expect
an answer.
• So what can we learn from this?
• So what does this information tell us?
• So what can we learn from this chart?
• How should we interpret these statistics?
• You might be wondering, what does this mean?
A closing in a presentation should be short and clear. It should
summarize your key points. And, most importantly, it should be

a. Include a Call to Action (CTA)

• To close, I’d like to ask you to do this one thing…
• And Finally, before you leave the conference today, please
take two minutes to…

b. End with a Powerful/Inspirational Quote

I’d like to finish with this
powerful/interesting/wonderful/inspiring/ quote from.....
c. Add a Surprising Fact or Statistic
• Did you know that the human brain’s capacity is limitless –
that’s great new right? BUT … did you also know that a person
is likely to remember only 25% of a presentation after 24 hours?

d. Useful Langauge to Close Presentation

Summarize Your Key Points & Close Your Presentation
• That brings us to the end of the presentation. I’d like to
summarize by saying...
• That concludes my presentation. However, I’d like to quickly
summarize the main points or takeaways.
• And on that final note, that concludes my presentation.
• To quickly recap, I’d like you to remember these key points …
• To summarize …
• In conclusion …
• I’d like to bring this presentation to a close with …
• I’d like to close this talk with …
Thank Your Audience
• I sincerely appreciate your attention today/this evening/this
• And that brings us to the end. I’d like to thank you for your
time and attention today.
• Thank you so much for your interest and attention.
• I can see that our time is just about up so to finish I’d like to say
thank you.
• I sincerely appreciate that I’ve had this opportunity to present
to you.

Take Questions
• If anyone has any questions, I’d be happy to open up the
• If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask now and
I’ll do my best to answer.
• Would anyone like to ask any questions?
• Now let’s move on to some Q&A. (Q&A = Questions and
• Make a group consist of 4-5 students
• Then, decided the topic of presentation:
1. Digestive System
2. Urinary System
3. Respiratory System
4. Nervous System