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62-1230E - Is This The Sign Of The End, Sir?

241 The seventh angel of Revelation 10:7 is the seventh church-

age messenger. See? Now watch. “And in the days…” Now watch
here: But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he
shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished,…
242 Now, sounding forth, this messenger, the seventh angel here
is sounding forth his Message to the Laodicean church. Notice his
type of Message. Now, it wasn’t to the first angel, wasn’t given
That; second angel, third, fourth, fifth, sixth. But it is the seventh
angel that had this type of Message. What was it? Notice his type
of Message, “Finishing all the mysteries of God, that are written
in the Book.” The seventh angel is winding up all the mysteries
that’s laying loose-ended, all out through these organizations and
denominations. The seventh angel gathers them up, and finishes
the entire mystery. That’s what the Bible said, “Finishes the
mystery of the written Book.”
65-0725M - The Anointed Ones At The End Time

262 Notice, the very day when this messenger…Not when he

starts on, but when he begins to declare his Message. See? The First
Pull, healing; Second Pull, prophesying; Third Pull, the opening of
the Word, the mysteries revealed. No more, there is no more
higher order to reveal the Word, than prophets. But the only way
the prophet can be vindicated is by the Word. And, remember, the
Third Pull was the opening of them Seven Seals, to reveal the
hidden Truth that’s been sealed in the Word. Do you see it?
[Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] It is then, in that day when this
thing is to take place, that Jannes and Jambres, the impersonators,
will appear again. Just like they did when Moses appeared with the
original Word, to say It, they appear to impersonate It. Just exactly
right. Now you see what Matthew 24:24 is? See, anointed ones!
63-0317E - The Breach Between The Seven Church Ages And The Seven Seals
210 He comes forth (what?) to take His claims now. Oh, my! Comes forth to
take His claims! Now, He had done the Kinsman work. He had come down,
become Man, died. He done the Kinsman work of redemption, but had not as
yet called for His claim. Now He comes on the scene to claim His rights, (watch
what takes place) oh, my, for which He was slain, for as becoming a Kinsman to
man, to die in his place, to redeem him. But, the elder was right when he said
He was a “Lion,” see. The elder called Him, said, a “Lion.” Because, He had
been a Lamb, an Intercessor, a bloody Lamb, but now He is coming forth as a
Lion. His days of intercession is over.
211 “Let him that’s filthy be filthy still. Let him that’s righteous be righteous still.
Let him that’s holy be holy still.” The thing is closed. Oh, brother! Then what?
Then what?
212 And, remember, it comes at the seventh church age, when the mysteries of
God will be opened up. Now watch real close. This is something you must get.
Now, He had been doing His mediatorial work, making intercessions for the
believer. For two thousand years He had been back there, a Lamb. Now He is
stepping forth from Eternity, to take the title-deeded Book, and to break the
Seals, and reveal the mysteries. When of it? At the end time.
65-0725E - What Is The Attraction On The Mountain?
147 Everything that…That shall never die. It’s constantly unrolling Itself.
From the very thing happening, to the picture being Jesus standing
looking at us; and now exactly on Sunset Mountain, and the sunset Light.
The evening Light has come, God vindicating Himself. What is it? It is the
facts that God and Christ are one. The “white,” how many seen it, the
white wig upon Him, as we talked in Revelation 1? See, the Supreme
Deity, Supreme Authority; no other voice, no other god, no other
nothing! “In Him dwells the fullness of the Godhead bodily.” The Angels
Themselves was His wig. Amen.
148 What’s happened upon Mount Sunset? God confirming His Word.
That’s what all this noise is about. Notice, it’s God fulfilling His promised
Word again, of Revelation 10:1 to 7, “And in the days of the sounding of
the seventh angel’s Message, the mystery of God should be finished.” The
hidden mystery of Revelation 10:1 to 7, the last Message to the last church
The Mystery in Between the Old Testament – Law and New Testament – Grace

Old Testament –Law – Dispensation

Types and Shadow’s
Genesis 3:15, Isaiah 9:6, Isaiah 53:5 , Deuteronomy 18:15, Joel 2
“Rock, bread, manna, Lamb, Ark”

53-0325 - Israel And The Church #1

12 And the Old Testament was a shadow or a type of the New Testament.
All the Old Testament pointed to Calvary. I believe, by the help of the Holy
Spirit, that through the—the weeks coming (how long, I don’t know), but I
can prove from…every chapter of the Old Testament spoke of Jesus Christ,
and everything was fulfilled in Him. And we, in Him, are complete. How
simple God has made it! In Christ, we are complete.
- Old testament ended on Mount Calvary-
“Son of Man – Prophet”

Acts 1:11 ALPHA AGE

Acts 2:1-27
DAY of PENTECOST – former rain


60-0925 - That Day On Calvary
56 The greatest price that was ever paid, and the only One that could pay it, come
and done it at Calvary. That’s where the great price was paid. That’s one of the
things. God had required it. No man was worthy. No man was able. No man could
do it. And God came, Himself, and was made human, and lived a human life,
under human desires, and was crucified at Calvary. And there, when Satan thought
He wouldn’t do it, He wouldn’t go through it, He went through Gethsemane and
every temptation any man ever stood. He went through it just like all men, but He
64-0614M - The Unveiling Of God

291 And as a Christian, I’m identified with Him. Amen! I was

with Noah when he went in the ark. I was with Moses when he
come out of Egypt. Amen! I was Elijah on Mount Carmel. Yes,
sir! Glory to God! I was with him when he did that. I was truly
with Him, I identified myself in His death there on Calvary when
I died to the things of the world, to myself and all traditions. I
was identified with Him. I was identified with Him on Easter
morning when He rose from the dead. I was identified with Him
on the Day of Pentecost, when the Holy Ghost came down like a
rushing mighty wind. I was identified with Him. All that He was
I am, all that I am He was; amen, being dead in Him we are
identified with Him. What He is I am. Amen!
Son of God – “Priest”
Mediator, Intercessor
“Junction of Time”

7 Church Ages Restoration of the lost end, lost Things:

65-0718E - Spiritual Food In Due Season
83 Then back out there at the beginning of the Seven Seals, when those seven Angels
come down in that pyramid form, stood there and told me to return back here and speak
on those Seven Seals, and He’d be with me, He’d show me what they were, the lost things.
I always thought it was sealed on the back of the Book and it’d be something wasn’t wrote
in the Book, but it turned out that it was made known that He cannot do that. It isn’t
something that’s written in the Book…It’s something that’s been hid in the Book. “For
whosoever shall take one Word from It or add one word to It…” So it is a mystery that’s
been in the Book in these seven church ages. Each one of them produced a—a mystery, all
about water baptism and these other things that they’ve fumbled about so long.
63-0116 - The Evening Messenger
79 Each messenger has had his message, and the—the message and the messenger of the
age. And it is most remarkable that each messenger…We even found in the church ages
(and tonight we’ll go back in the Old Testament and find that it’s the same thing) that God
sends the messenger of that age at the end of the time; always at the end, never at the
beginning. At the end!
80 Now, as Luther’s age faded out, then Wesley come in. And when Wesley’s
sanctification faded out, Pentecostal age come in. See? Its always the messenger opens up
the new message at the end of the old. It’s each age that that’s been done. We know that
to be the truth.
81 This is repeated each time through the Bible. We find that in the sacred Scriptures, all
the way through, that just at the ending of the old age and the new one coming in, that
age fades out and a new age comes in, God sends the messenger.
The Mystery in Between the 7CA and The Opening of the Seven Seals
“A Son of Man Again – Prophet”
WMBranham – Forerunner

64-0419 - The Trial

80 To the Jews He was the Son of David. To the Greeks He was
Lord, to us He’s Lord, to the Gentiles. And now in the last days,
He would return back again as Son of man, because Malachi
promises that there would be a prophet rise up in the last days
that would return the hearts of people back to (away from them
organizations) back to the original Word, the Faith of the fathers,
“ MYSTERY CLOUD” the original Pentecost. And when He did it, Saint John 14:12, the
- February 28, 1963 works that He did would be done also. Revelation 10 promised
Sunset Mountain the whole mystery. How you going to reveal the mysteries? See
what Luther left off, see what Wesley left off, see what Pentecost
Fulfillment of Acts 1:9-11 left off, and reveal the secret of the heart, to make it the same
God through every age, which is nothing but God’s Word being
made manifest back to the Son of man again. We don’t look for
Claim nail scars; we look for the Word made manifest. Notice, God
THE LION promised these things now, and He does it just as He said. I could
SON of DAVID – “King”
Lion King of the Tribe of Judah
The Opening of the Seven Seals
63-1110E - He That Is In You
24 Now there it is, scientifically, proof that it is the Truth, so
therefore we—we don’t worry about whether it’s Truth; both
scientifically, and spiritually, what was said come to pass. So,
the Message of the Seven Seals, in their closing, that’s the
Message of the entire Bible. The Seven Seals closes the New
Testament and sealed it up. That is true. Now, we know that
that is, by prophetic utterance, by scientific, and by the Word.
Three has give the witness to it, that it’s the Truth.
63-0901E - Desperations
53 How is it that we can see other great signs and wonders done on
others, and what about us? It should cause an estate of desperation, that
we are determined, before God. The signs of His Coming should bring this
entire congregation, when we’ve read it from the Word…The Holy Spirit
has told us, “Go at a certain place, such-and-such a thing will happen,”
not tell us what it was, but it would happen. We go there, it happens that
way. The newspapers pack it, the magazines pack it, show the picture of
it. Come back here and see those great mysteries, hidden in the Bible,
opened up to us, on a new field that we never knowed before, and
perfectly blends in to the Coming of the Lord Jesus.
54 Then, at the end of the Messages, see the action of the great Holy
Spirit, see Him come down visible before people, even take pictures of It.
See It working and showing that it’s not a man, it’s not just a preacher, it’s
not a certain congregation. It’s the Holy Spirit showing the same thing It
did when It was embodied in the body of Jesus Christ. Now It’s embodied
in the Body of His Bride. It should throw us into desperation.
64-0802 - The Future Home Of The Heavenly Bridegroom And The Earthly Bride

223 Seven days, watch, which “pass away,” or, I have said, will “change
to another.” Eight days deals with new creation, see, not old creation.
Eight days is new creation.

224 For, it was on the eighth day that our Lord raised from the dead.
There is your other convocation, the holiness; not considering the
sabbaths, at all, or the feast of the tabernacles, feast of this, and the feast
of the pentecost. Jesus raised from the dead, for our justification, on the
eighth day. After the seven sabbaths, or seven days, Seven Church Ages,
Jesus raised from the dead. Eighth day, which is a holy convocation, see,
which is the first day.