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Renewable and Green

Production of Biofuel from coffee beans

Presented by:
Team Renewable and Green Fuels, Technical
forum SPACE UET Lahore

 Renewable Energy
 Importance of Renewable Energy
 Present status of Renewable energy in world
 Scope of Renewable Energy in World
 Energy Crisis in Pakistan
 Scope of Renewable Energy in Pakistan
 Some interesting facts about Renewable energy
 Flowsheet of our Process
What is Renewable energy?

• Energy from Renewable sources

• Constantly replenished and will never run


• It is contributing a major role in the

production of electricity through out the
Importance of Renewable Energy:

 Environmental Benefits
 Environmental friendly

 Energy for many generations

 If we sow it today, next generation will harvest it tomorrow

 Jobs and the Economy

 It will reduce unemployment

 Energy Security
 Equal energy for everyone
Present Status of Renewable energy
Future of Renewable energy in world
Energy Crisis of Pakistan

 Demand: 19,500 MW

 Production: 15,886 MW

 Normal Shortage: 3500 MW

 Shortage in Summer: 6000 MW

Energy Resources of Pakistan
Electricity generation stats of Pakistan
Scope of Renewable energy in Pakistan

 Incoming Oil crisis

 Environmental Issues

 Pakistan is rich in renewable resources

Interesting facts about Renewable

 Incredibly, as of 2017, China builds 2 wind turbines every hour!

 Renewable energy sources, like wind and solar power, now generate almost
one thirdof the UK’s electricity.
 Renewable Energy creates 5 times more jobs than fossil fuels.
 In 2016, Portugal made history by running on renewable energy alone for 107
 If taken advantage of to its fullest extent, sunlight beamed on the earth for 1
hour could meet world’s energy demands for an entire year
 Solar power may account for the world's main source of power by 2050.
 A world record was set in 1990 when a solar-powered airplane flew across the
United States in stages, using no fuel at all.
 In Iceland, 100% of the energy is supplied by geothermal and hydropower
 According to the WWF, the whole world could get all the power it needs from
renewable resources by 2050, ending our reliance on fossil fuels and other
depleting resources – but only if the right political, financial and societal
decisions are made, and quickly
Types of Renewable energy

 Solar power

 Wind energy

 Hydroelectric power

 Biomass

 Geothermal energy
Production of Biofuel from used Coffee
 Utilizes used coffee beans and convert it into Biofuel

 Process is divided into 4 parts

 Extraction
 Pellet production
 Free fatty acid creation
 Esterification
Section 1:Extraction
Pellet Production
Free Fatty Acid Creation
Advantages Disadvantages

 In Pakistan Coffee
 Utilizes Coffee grounds
consumption is too
which would be wasted
low ( i.e. 0.8
kg/person while
consumption in USA
 Economically feasible is 5 kg/person and
its 10 kg/person in
 No adverse effect on

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