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By: Mohammed Salman Khan

MCA IIIyr (08)

Table of Contents:

 Introduction
 Statement about the Problem
 Why is the particular topic chosen?
 Objective and scope of the project
 Technology & Methodology
 Operating Environment
 Development Environment
 Development Tools and Techniques
 Process Flow Chart, Diagrams.
 Contribution
 This “AVISHKAR MANAGEMENT” is the website application that
serves the functionality of the events in terms of new innovations
organized under SRTMUN University.

 it will gives the facility to make online Registration for the students and
lecturers who actually wants to express their innovations in
exhibition like environment.

 In this festival we have to present a new innovative Research which

has either direct correspond to a common man or the findings can be
an immediate , alternative to the present state of the art.
Statement about the Problem
 The overall mechanism that has been done manually since Avishkar
Program has introduced in the university, that all works and problems
in the manual system are get Solved & Replaced by trusted solutions in
this site named Avishkar Management.

 In older days the students and Scholars are submitted the admission
form manually but from now there is no further need to submit the
forms and extra relevant things offline or manually in the queue of
university line.
Why is the particular topic chosen?
Trusted Solution:
 Avishkar Management is that trusted solution as in the form of
online website application that provides the online Mechanism of
submission for the registration and Entry forms!
 So there is no need to bother about finding/searching of dates and
links As well as instructions since its been publish on the site’s home

 This system solves all manual problems of Registration and Entry form
time problems.
 Here in this project user will get the notifications and updations.
Objective and scope of the project
 The Objectives includes in this projected system is providing the online tool for solving the
problems that are mentioned above.

 It helps in such all cases where you need an online help for Registration of Avishkar Festival.

 It provides the Security mechanism by giving admin panel and user login.

 This project will be useful for any of the university Avishkar Program with abit modification.

 This site is flexible i.e. Any changes/ modifications in database may be perform easily.

 Also this project could be made web enabled.

 This project can also be make for multi-user environment.

Technology & Methodology
 This project is aimed to develop the online help for Avishkar Festival and the
students who are supposed to be the part of it.
 PHP:
Hypertext Preprocessor is a Server Site Script Language for designing and
developing the web pages and connecting to the data base system.
 HTML, CSS, Javascript:
Hyper Text Markup Language is markup language for creating the web pages
and web Application. With Case cading Style Sheet CSS and Javascript from
the Trade of cornerstone Technologies for the World Wide Web.
 Mysql Database:
In the phpMyadmin for MySQL database is free and open source
administration tools. It is a portable web application written primarily in php.
It has become one of the most tool for specially for web hosting Services.
Development Environment:
Operating System:
This Avishkar management system can be work In all versions for Widows
started from XP to Windows 10.
This management system is being developed and designed under the windows
Compatible environment.
Also this application is developed with the help of PHP and MySQL.
Web Server:
There are a large number of database management systems currently available, some
commercial and some free.
Some of them: Oracle, Microsoft Access, Mysql and PostgreSQL.
These database systems are powerful, feature-rich software, capable of organizing and
searching millions of records at very high speeds.
Web Browser:
A web browser is a software application for accessing information on the
World Wide Web, each individual we page, image, and video is identified by a URL,
here in this project web browser is used to deal with Running and Execution of the
Development Tools and Techniques
Sublime (Text Editor):
Sublime Text is a proprietary cross-platform source code editor with application
programming interface.
Many web developers and designers uses this editor for development of websites and
Bootstrap (latest 4.2.1):
Bootstrap is a free and open-source front –end framework for developing
websites and web Applications. It contains HTML and CSS based design templates for
typography, forms, buttons etc. for any kind of devices like mobile, i-pad, laptops, and
Client Side Scripting Language:
The client side environment used to run the scripts is usually a browser. The
processing takes place on the end users computer. The source code is the transferred
form the web server to the users computer over the internet and run directly in the
internet and Run directly in the browser.
Like: HTML, DHTML, XML, ASP, javascript, CSS, jQuery, etc.
Process Flow Chart:
 This “Avishkar Management” project contributes in Regular life of the
students as well as in the help of every Common man.
 The one who has not able to come physically at the university for
making or filling the Entry Form can easily fill out the entry form and
do the Registration online so that:
 Time will save.
 Cost of travelling and maintenance is Reduced.
 Provides online guidelines for the users.
 Provides stepwise monitor for the users who makes registration and
make the entries for the Researches and Innovations.
Thank You  All Of You…!