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A Cool Escape To Baguio

by Ma. Lourdes Christina S. Nacional & Marc Julius M. Agcaoili

(HUMSS 11-1)
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“ Welcome to Baguio City! ”
Baguio City is the summer capital of the Philippines, It is
one of the famous tourist spots in the Philippines, because of
its cool climate.
It is also called as the “northern gateway”of the
wanderers . In Baguio City, you will see the beauty of nature,
the mountain ranges, the historical heritages in this place.
History of Baguio City

The presidentia of Baguio was first established in

the house of the Campulet at the top of the new
Tabacalera road at the lower end of Guisad Valley. Later,
the presidentia of Baguio was moved to the present site
of the Baguio City Hall.The Spaniards were able to
establish order, built churches and schools, made trails
and introduced coffee during their long occupation of the
The Americans came early in 1900 and established
their government with H. Whitmarsh as the appointed
Governor of Benguet and Baguio as the capital. This was
the first provincial government to be established in the
Philippines and this happened a year prior to the
inauguration of the civil government of the Philippines.
Their best administrators and teachers were fervent
boosters and promoters: Worcester, Wright, Forbes,
Pack, Barrows, Eckman and others who together with
Filipinos committed to make the place haven.
Beginning 1909, a government fleet of Stanley
steam autos brought up more than 2,000 passengers a
season. The city was well governed and well kept.
The mines 27 of the same its infrastructures,
near Baguio were year. However, the buildings and its
developed and war changed populace but it did
productive. course and on not end here. Four
Business in the September 3, 1945, years after the great
city flourished with General Yamashita earthquake, Baguio
commercial formally City has recovered
centers put up. surrendered to the and is standing firm
Recreation Americans at the and proud for its
facilities were US Ambassador's restored heritage.
installed. The city residence in Camp Until today,
was growing John Hay, after Baguio City as the
before the which, Baguio Summer Capital of
outbreak of the immediately set to the Philippines, is
war. the task of the most frequented
Baguio was rehabilitation. destinations in
bombed on The July 16, Northern Luzon by
December 8, 1941 1990, memorable local and foreign
by the Japanese earthquake tourists alike.
and they occupied devastated the
it on December entire city with its
It is the shortest, most convenient and most scenic highway
linking the Baguio City to the lowland areas.

A statue that you will see along the
Kennon Road.
It is one of the famous parks in the Baguio City,
in this park, you can do many things like strolling in
the park, biking, boating, and you can also do
picnic in the grassy space with your partner, friends
and families.
The mansion in the Baguio City serves as the summer
place of the President of the Philippines.
It is a free area, it has no entrance fee and you can
also buy some strawberry taho to the street vendors
around the are for only 10 pesos.
One of the most exciting places that tourists want to visit is
the strawberry farm, because we all know that the strawberries
in Baguio City are very sweet and delicious.
Travel Tips:
Manila – Baguio City:

By PUV’s:

Commuting is very convenient in going to Baguio City, you

will see the bus terminals (Victory Liner Buses) bound for
Baguio in Pasay City, Cubao (Quezon City, or in Monumento
(Caloocan City). If coming from the Baguio City, Victory Liner
Bus Terminal is easy to find as they are jusl walking distance
from SM Baguio City.

(Note: Victory Liner’s Buses run on a 24-hour service from

Manila, buses leaves every hour bound for Baguio City from
their terminals in Pasay, Cubao, and Caloocan. Anfd also
same thing if you’re coming from the Baguio.)

Bus Fare: Php450.00 (vice-versa)

By Private Car:

Kennon Road from Rosario, Marcos Highway from Agoo,

and Manila via NLEX – SCTEX.

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