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Consulting Engineering

H. A. (Skip) Ingley, PhD, PE

Associate Professor in Mechanical and Aerospace
Office: rm 228, MAEB building
Office phone 392-9929, home 377-0078, cell 284-0997
Web site: or mae course website
Homework and notes posted on web site daily.
Note: lectures purged periodically so keep up with these!
There is “board work” in class, so you need to come. Don’t
just rely on Powerpoint notes.
Consulting Engineering
My Consulting Background:
Consulting engineer for 22+ years
CEO of a 30-35 person consulting
engineering firm in Gainesville
Project manager for over 700
engineering projects
Sufficiently beat-up and bruised
Consulting Engineering
What was my job like?
As president (being a leader not a boss):
 Name on door
 Signed contracts
 Signed tax returns,etc.
 Coordinated fiscal matters for the firm
 Represented firm on submittals to acquire
new work
 The one who would go to jail
Consulting Engineering
As Project Manager (communication skills are
Managed 50-75 projects at a time
Coordinated work with the various disciplines
working on a project
Met with clients to negotiate contract
Met with clients routinely during project
Kept project on schedule, on budget and on
scope (quality)
Consulting Engineering
As an engineer (keeping the part above the
neck alive):
Designed HVAC systems
Conducted Energy Studies
Conducted Forensic Studies
Designed elevator modernization
Designed HVAC control systems
Conducted utility master plans
Consulting Engineering
In control of your destiny (not!!)
Your own boss (no such thing)
A nice car (you pay for the personal mileage)
Entertainment (if you like hanging out with
other engineer types)
Satisfaction of providing quality engineering
services (YES!!)
Meet with lots of professionals on a daily
Consulting Engineering
The Downside:
See previous slide
You can be sued (keep one car and house)
Your reputation can disappear overnight
You can lose lots of money
You have to fire people
You have to deal with personnel problems
Consulting Engineering
How can you get into this field?
Competitive entry level positions
Internships lead to permanent
Technical sales avenue
Look for succession opportunity
Consulting Engineering
What skills do you need?
Problem solving (the algebra kind)
Problem solving (the other kinds)
Communication, communication and more
communication skills
Ability to get the big picture
Get that EIT certificate, now!!!
A true passion for engineering (you think it’s
better than beer or pizza)-this may develop
over time
Consulting Engineering