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San Rafael del Sur founded in 1831, is one of the 9 municipalities of the department of Managua, Nicaragua.

According to the National Census in 2000, San Rafael del Sur had a population of 41,574 inhabitants and a
population density of 100 people per km².2 In the municipality are the beaches of Masachapa and Pochomil.

 There is Monument to San Rafael Arcángel is located at

the entrance of the municipality.
 There is the statue that was inaugurated on January 11,
2005 by Mayor Santiago Ruiz.
 There are the main streets to enter and leave the municipality.

 There is the catholic church of San Rafael del Sur called

the Virgen del Socorro.
 There is a valuable pre-Columbian work of art which was
founded on February 23, 1920.
 There are the bells that cheer that start the mass every
 There is the central park of San Rafael del Sur called El Monumental.

 There is the park with a very artistic infrastructure in relation to the

culture of this municipality.

 There are the trees that adorn the park and give shade to the

 There is the clock that with its acoustic alarm wakes up at 6 in the
morning to the population of the urban helmet.

 There is an attractive construction which was founded on March

20, 2017.

 There are the quarry stones that constitute the emblematic

 There is the lighthouse that is located on the beach of

 There is the sea where it is very visited by many tourists.

 There is the lighthouse has a height of 20 meters and was

built on April 23, 1990.

 There is the pier one of the attractive places located on the

coast of Masachapa.

 There are the cedar columns that support this beautiful pier.

 There is the dock that was built on June 15, 1950 by US-
American engineers, which is 80 meters long.
 There are the famous tortillas toasted that are some of
the foods that represent San Rafael del Sur.

 There are some tortillas prepared with corn.