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Introduction of the Company

1. Sycue Management Service Private Limited

company's registered office address is Shop No
7,Sector 27 Noida Gautam Buddha Nagar Up
2. Sycue Management Service Private Limited
incorporated with MCA on 06 September 2013.
3. The Sycue Management Service Private Limited is
listed in the class of pvtltd company and
classified as Non Govt Company.
 Production management :Planning and Control of industrial
processes to ensure that they move smoothly at the required level.
 It includes responsibility :
 product and process design and issues
 involving capacity and quality, and organization and supervision of
the workforce.
 Regular Production : Within in the parameters of the
 Cost Effective : Minimize the cost of the production.
 Resources : To be optimum utilization.
 Labor : Skilled is required.
 Efficiency : Tasks to completed in efficient way.
 Planning : Ensure to follow the path of production.
 Process : Ensure the Proper processing of the tasks.
 Quality and Quantity : Maintaining the quality and the quantity
for smooth flow.
The collection of information from individuals about themselves or about the social units to
which they belong (Rossi et al., 1983)
 Exploratory method research: Early stages of research into a phenomenon to gain
preliminary insight on a topic, and provides the basis for more in-depth survey.
 Confirmatory method research Knowledge of a phenomenon has been articulated in a
theoretical form using well-defined concepts, models and propositions.
 Descriptive method research Understanding the relevance of a certain phenomenon and
describing the distribution of the phenomenon in a population.
 Sampling:-For this research project I have selected a sample size of 03 from the
population of production department.
 Questionnaire:- Personal interview with the production managers.
In a manufacturing company the production function may be split
into five sub-functions:
 1. The production and planning : Department will set standards
and targets for each section of the production process.
 2. Smooth Flow : Store Manager is ensuring stocks arrive on time
and to the right quality.
 3. Storekeeper : The stores department will be responsible for
stocking all the necessary tools, spares, raw materials and
equipment required to service the manufacturing process.
 4. The design and technical support : Department will be
responsible for researching new products or modifications to
existing ones

Expense: Implementing new technology may drain the finances of a small business. If
you need to finance the purchase of new production equipment, the additional debt
load can create a heavy burden.

Resistance to Change: If you've been using the same production processes for many
years or employ a large number of veteran employees, a new production technology
may not be welcomed with open arms.

Job Loss: Unfortunately, implementing new technology could mean the loss of jobs,
especially when automated processes can perform the same work more cheaply and
efficiently than humans.

 Optimizes business processes : From traditional manufacturing to distribution and

services, the principles and insights from operations management have been used
successfully to help firms better manage their businesses.
 Level of Capacity :Determining the appropriate level of capacity is often challenging,
particularly when dealing with variability from multiple sources.
 Innovation : It is also about improving process through innovation.
 Comparison : Comparing the other firms process and determining the variances
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