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BDI Wireless Structural Testing

System (STS – WiFi)

Presented By:
Bridge Diagnostics, Inc.
BDI-STS WiFi Features

• Fully wireless operation: no cables required!

• Operates on robust 802.11 wireless link.
• All signal conditioning, filtering, and A/D
conversion performed by each STS unit.
• The sensors identify themselves to the system
and calibration factors are automatically
applied – “Intelliducers”.
• “Sleep mode” to conserve power.
Personal Computer How it Works Auto Clicker

STS-WiFi Base Station

STS-WiFi Node and Sensors STS-WiFi Node and Sensors

Connect up to 100
nodes (400 sensors)!
STS-WiFi Node and Sensors STS-WiFi Node and Sensors
How it Works
STS-WiFi Base Station

Personal Computer
Auto Clicker

STS-WiFi Node and Sensors STS-WiFi Node and Sensors

Connect up to 100
nodes or 400 sensors!
STS-WiFi Node and Sensors STS-WiFi Node and Sensors
Types of Sensors
 BDI Strain Transducer
 Foil Strain Gage (Quarter and Half Arm)
• Bridge Completion unit required
 Accelerometer
 LVDT / Displacement Sensor
 Tiltmeter
 Other DC output sensors
BDI Strain Transducers

 Average installation time five minutes.

 Sensors identifies themselves to the system.
 No need to track channel numbers; calibration factors
automatically applied.
 Greatly reduces possible errors in the field.
 ±4000με range.
 Sensitivity:500με/mV/V
 Very accurate strain measurements (±2% N.I.S.T.) & re-usable.
 Attach either with tab/adhesive technique or C-clamps.
 Use on steel, PS/C, and R/C structures.
Transducers applied with C-clamps.
Strain Transducers on PS/C Beams

 Designed for use on Reinforced Concrete Structures.

 No concrete chipping to expose reinforcement.
 “Averages” the surface strains.
 Use on R/C slabs and T-Beam bridges.
 Divide output by integer number of gage lengths.
Extendo-Ducers on R/C bridge
How it Works
STS-WiFi Node
• 802.11g wireless communication.
• Back-up Ethernet connection.
• Individual 24-bit A/D for each
• 5 VDC regulated or unregulated
excitation voltage.
• Lithium Ion battery (18 hours) or
alternative 9-48VDC input.
• Status LED indicator.
• Clock synchronization between all
• Rugged and weather resistant.
• Military specification connectors.
How it Works
Mobile Base Station

High Performance Mobile Base


Standard Mobile Base Station

• Standard 802.11b/g/n wireless connection between
all nodes and PC.
• Standard Mobile Base Station can handle up to 5
STS-WiFi nodes.
• High Performance Mobile Base Station can handle
up to 50 STS-WiFi nodes.
• Lithium Ion battery power (18 hours) or external
power connection.
• Add multiple Base Stations for extended range.
Mobile Base Station
 For long span structures or structures with
obstructions a second Base Station can be added
to boost signal strength.
 Other options available for long range wireless
How it Works
Vehicle Position Tracking

 BDI AutoClicker
wirelessly tracks the
longitudinal position of
the testing vehicle on
the bridge.
 Important so the data
can be viewed as a
function of load position
in stead of in the time
How it Works
WinSTS Data Acquisition Software
WinSTS Features
 No Programming Required!
 “Sleep mode” extends battery life during
the setup time.
 Power and wireless signal strength
 Real-time data display.
 Auto-zero before each test.
 New FFT function available for frequency
 Output data formats available for other
analysis software.
Field Applications
Bridge Testing


Perrine Bridge, Idaho Seattle, WA

Large Civil Structures

Ice Harbor, WA

Rocky Reach, WA
Little Goose, WA
Construction Verification
Louisiana, USA

The Dalles, WA

Thanks from:
Bridge Diagnostics, Inc.
Boulder, CO
“We stand below our work!”