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Improving Nurse Responsiveness

Allison Brown, Bethany Zimmerman, Kayla Myers, Madelyn McLain, & Morgan Tolbert
Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing
Description of the Issue Analysis of the Issue Solution

Macro: In our two step solution, if call bells rang to a desk

Our goal is to understand patient perception of where a secretary relayed the message to staff via a
● Nursing responsiveness is primarly based Vocera hands free device, then this will prevent delay in
on the pereception of how quickly the nurse responsiveness of staff, how it relates to
nurse responsiveness and improve patient satisfaction,
responds to call bell requests (Michell, patients’ needs being met, and HCAHPS thus increasing HCAHPS scores by 10% from
Lavenberg, Trotta, & Umscheid, 2015). scores. Three themes emerged when data was implementation of the Vocera devices (Richardson &
● Hourly rounding has been shown to collected from nursing staff and patients on the Ash, 2010).
unit: ● Vocera hands free device is a more direct route of
increase patient and nurse satisfaction by
● Ineffective communication communication and easier route of locating staff
reducing call light use. Hourly rounding (Pemmasani et al., 2014)
prorams also improve perception of nurse ● Ineffective teamwork ● Using Vocera hands free device helped to reduce
responsiveness (Michell et al., 2015). ● Non intentional hourly rounding. nursing staff steps by over 2,000 per shift
● Patient Surveys look at patient perception of (Pemmasani et al., 2014)
Root Cause ● Online Vocera education of all staff
nurse responsiveness and hourly rounding. ● Purchasing Voceras
Responses to HCAHPS surveys affect ● Purchasing Vocera badges
Logistics ● Educating all secretaries on proper delegation
hospital reimbursement. The root cause is ineffective communication ● Electrical configuration of call bell system to
secretary desk.
Micro: between team members in response to
● HCAHPS scores are low on patient patient needs and/or requests. We came to ● Hospital
● Unit Secretaries
satisfaction to nurse responsiveness. this conclusion after interviewing patients ● Nurses

○ Range over past year 49-83% Stakeholders ● Patient Care Technicians

and staff on nurse responsiveness.This ● Nurse Leaders
● Lack of understanding from the patients and communication breakdown causes a delay ● Online Vocera education of all staff

the staff on effective hourly rounding. in meeting patient expectations and is ● Educating all secretaries on proper delegation to nurse
or patient care technician

● Ineffective communication between team reflected in this unit’s low HCAHPS scores Cost ● Purchasing Voceras
● Purchasing Vocera badges

members slows responsiveness. (Williams, 2014). ● Electrical configuration of call bell system to secretary

● Ineffective teamwork and shared References ● eless controllers, servers, charging port, etc)
● Step 1: Rewiring the call bells to the
responsibility in answering the call bells and Mitchell, M. D., Lavenberg J. G., Trotta, R. L., & Umscheid, C. A. (2014). Hourly
rounding to improve nursing responsiveness: a systematic review. The Journal of secretary desk (within 3 months)
patients are waiting longer. Nursing Administration, 44(9), 462-72. Timeline ● Step 2a: Purchasing Voceras and providing
staff education (6 months)
● Step 2b: Implement Voceras on the floor (8
Pemmasani, V., Paget, T., Minamareddy, P., Pemmasani, S., & Van Woerden,
H.(2014). Hands-free communication free up nursing time.Nursing Times. 110. 12-14.
● Management will survey nursing staff about
Richardson, J. E., & Ash, J. S. (2008). The effects of hands free communication communication improvements on the unit
devices on clinical communication: balancing communication access needs with user Collection ● Management will survey nursing staff for
overall satisfaction on vocera use
control. AMIA ... Annual Symposium proceedings. AMIA Symposium, 2008, 621–625.
Data ● Management will survey patients on nurse
response time

Williams, D. B. (2014, December 12). Improving Staff Responsiveness to Patient-

Initiated Call Lights. Master's Projects and Capstones. 57.