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International Marketing


Presented By:
Hiramani Dalal
Kartik Khandelwal
Kiran Multani
Marketing Communication Mix

This component of the marketing communication mix involves the

strategies and tactics that Amazon uses to communicate with its
target market. Inc. aims to persuade its customers to
visit its websites and pay for its online services. The following
strategies and tactics are used in such marketing mix of the
company’s e-commerce business:
 Advertising strategies
 Sales promotions
 Public relations
 Direct marketing
 Packaging
Advertising Strategies

 Advertising functions as the primary means for Amazon to

communicate with its target market.

 For example, the company has an affiliate program for website

owners or online publishers to earn revenues by displaying
advertisements and corresponding links to products sold on the website. This strategy widens the company’s market
Sales Promotions

 Inc. applies sales promotion as a secondary strategy to

attract customers and persuade them to purchase goods and services
on the website.

 For example, the company occasionally uses discounts and special

offers to generate more sales.
Public Relations

 Amazon strengthens its brand image through public relations


 For example, Amazon Smile, which donates a percentage of sales to

charitable organizations. These programs enhance consumer
perception about the corporation
Direct Marketing

 In using direct marketing, the company directly communicates with

businesses to offer its online services.

 For example, publishing and digital content distribution.


 Through packaging, the game of impressing and satisfying a

customer with Amazon’s product has just begun.

 “The first impression is the best impression”

 Stand Out From Competitors

 It protects the product

International Marketing Communication

 In today’s world, a multitude of communication tools exist to

connect people and promote ideas, services and goods, like social
media, emails, etc.

 Amazon must practice and optimize a process called integrated

marketing communications, through which all contact points an
existing or potential customer interacts with are kept consistent and
relevant to the targeted customer.
Interorganizational Marketing Communication

 Multinational Organisations

 Retailers

 Wholesalers

 Shipping Companies
Internal Marketing Communication

 Stand-up meetings

 Connections questions

 All Hands meetings

 Bulletin boards, VOA, VOB

 A to Z magazine
SOSTAC Planning Model