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By: Ribka Marchyella

Discrete point testing refers to the testing of
one element at a time, item by item. This might
involve, for example, a series of items each
testing a particular grammar structure.
* Discrete point test respond to the underlying assumption that
language can be broken down into its parts and those parts tested in
* These components are the four skills and the different linguistic
components (morphology, graphology, spelling, grammar, syntax and
vocabulary), together with subcategories within these units.
Accordingly, test are devised in order to assess just one of these
1. Multiple Choice
Multiple choice is a form of assessment in which
respondents are asked to select the best possible
answer (or answer) out of the choices from a list.
* Because my mother was sick, I _____ to go home
last week.
a) Had
b) Have
c) Has
d) Hadn’t
2. Completion Item
The completion item requires the student to
answer a question or to finish an incomplete
statement by filling in a blank with the
correct word or phrase.
* Give the book to _____woman in the blue
dress. (the)
* I will ______ to your house tomorrow.
*John ______ in this office since 2010. (have
been working)
3. Yes/No ; True/ False
A true-false question is a specialized form of the
multiple-choice format in which there are only two
possible alternatives. These questions can be used
when the test-designer wishes to measure a student’s
ability to identify whether statements of fact are
accurate or not.
*In the simple present tense, we use did to make
questions and negative
a) True b) False
* We use present participle when we tell about plan
a) True b) False
4. Spelling
Spelling is the writing of a word or words with the
necessary letters and diacritics present in an
accepted standard order.
Arrange the spelling bellow into words
* El-ai-es-ti-i-en-ai-en-ji: Listening
* Be-yu-es-ai-en-i-es-es= Business
* Em-ou-vi-ai-i-es = Movies
* The test of this approach can cover a wide range of
scope of materials to be put in the tests.
* the test allows quantification on the students’
*In the term of scoring, the test is also reliable
because of its objectivity: the scoring is efficient,
even it can be perform by machine
* Constructing discrete point test is potentially energy
and time consuming.
* The test do not include social context where verbal
communication normally take place.
* Success in doing the test is not really inferable to the
ability of the test taker to communicate in real life