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30, 60, 90 DAYS 90 60

On-Boarding PLAN days days

Chris Monice
30, 60, 90 Days On-Boarding Plan

30 60 90
days days days

Discover Plan Get Results

Meet, Learn, Understand Strategize / Plan Execute
30 days plan

First 30 days

Complete all required Meet with previous

manager. Get turnover Begin learning teams Meet with team
documents and
individually. Get to
training on team, details on use of Adobe, Google
current projects, and Salesforce know each person and work in
Turnover my existing
systems and pain Analytics. Review discuss their work, progress and
points. Exam data intake goals, interests and
work to identified ideas.
my day to
resources day duties
Understanding to Plan
Meet with my direct Review Meet with team / kick Work with team to
manager to establish Metabase and off team meeting. discuss current pain
expectations and ALE points and
review weekly, bi- opportunities to better Close out all business
weekly and monthly support the Business from my previous role
requirements Current work of Convenience.
30 days plan: Focus on learning my role and team

5 Focus Actions first 30 days:

1. Get to know my role

2. Get to know my team
3. Get to know my peers
4. Learn my managers expectations of me
5. Close out work from previous role
60 days plan

60 days

Meet with Continue

customers / working with
requestors / team to learn Begin
stakeholders their roles / developm Work my
individually. duties. Have ent of plan and Begin to
Review Discuss their 1:1’s work plan my understand
expectations established intake work
first 30
day items and pain points productively
functions with
Planning the strategy customers to
Ensure all Continue working Provide more Identify areas better
30 day on knowledge directional for exam data understand
items are
closed out
transfer of Adobe, support to capturing logistical
Google, team improvements.
Analytics, and
60 days plan: Learning my customers and my role further

5 Focus Actions 60 days:

1. Get to know my customers

2. Get to know my teams individual duties
3. Deepen my knowledge of my role / tasks
4. Learn how I can further support my peers
5. Understand how I can further support the organization
90 days plan

90 days

Continue regular
knowledge Efficiently and Visit onsite
Monitor first 60 transfer sessions effectively clinic location Continue to
days activity and with team and support and evaluate increase my
adjust approach if previous systems, team other onsite
necessary manager and business
level of
Getting results in areas of
Meet with my Continue Evaluate team system
manager to discuss ongoing roles and support,
results. Discuss trainings to identify
any adjustments further my
that may be growth to align with satisfaction and
needed current dissatisfaction
90 days plan: Execute and finalize actions
5 Focus Actions 90 days:

1. Continue getting to know my team

2. Be fully supporting systems, team and customers
3. Deepen my understanding of what is working well and what may be improved on
4. Identify areas of further learning
5. Understand how I can further support the organization
30 days

days Plan, Strategize

Discover, Meet, Learn, Continue the above, continue relationship building
Understand and knowledge of the role and duties
Learn the role, the team and the expectations

ys Get Results
Have a strong understanding of the
team, the role and the customers we
The End