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By:Lualhati Bautista
Ms. Lualhati Torres Bautista A Filipino Author a superb novelist
because of her prestigious and outstanding works that talks about women
in the society. Her works has a great contribution in the Contemporary
Philippine Literature. No one could imagine that a woman who is well
known and has an exceptional talent studied at public school from both
elementary and high school years. Bautista isn’t just a novelist but she is
also a film and television screenwriter. Lualhati Bautista is the only filipino
included in a book on foremost International Women Writers published in
Japan, 1991.One of her work,Dekada 70 was been adapted by a film
producer Chito Roño that deals on how Lea dealth with her feelings
towards men she loved and how she explained their situations to her kids.
Born:Tondo, Manila, Philippines on December 2, 1945,
Parents:Eteban Bautista and Gloria Torres.
Graduated:Emilio Jacinto Elementary School in 1958, and Torres High
School in 1962.
She was a journalism student at the Lyceum of the Philippines
Age:73 year
Awards: Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Short Story
Movies: Dekada’70 Lea’s Story , Bulaklak City Jail
Maricris Sioson Story:Japayuki
bago ka lumapit, gusto kong malaman mo
Na sa loob na maluwang na blusa ko
diretsahan ito, wala akong suso.

ang sagot niya, wala raw’ yong kaso.

Nawi-wish ko rin
na sana’y pareho kami ni Carmi Martin
huwag kang tanga,sagot niya
pag gano’n na kalaki,mahirap ding dalhin.

Siguro’y alam mo ring nagdaan na ‘ko sa iba

sa kamang ganito,meron nang nakasama.

Ang sagot niya,basta mahal kita.

Ang tiyan ko’y marami nang bakat

Ng nagdaang panganganak.
Sabi niya,hulog daw iyon nang langit
Bunga lang ng matamis na pakikipagtalik.

Pero sabi ni Sharon Cuneta ,sa kanyang pelikula

May asawa na’y virgin pa.

Sabi niya,
Kaya kita mo,hindi siya lumigaya.

Sinasabi ko lang sa’yo

Di ako humingi ng paumanhin
Ang sasabihin ng tatay mo
Kaya mo bang tiisin?

Ang sagot niya,mahal

Ako’y malaki na
Ang buhay ko’y akin,akon’ng magpasiya.

Pagkatapos ng romansa at magaling na bukadura

Nag asawa siya ng iba.
The poem is all about two lover who
engage themselves to affectionate
The essence of this poem defies the true identity of reality, that even
we undergo in this kind of matter, people will always leave us in
misery. Some people tend to shower us with flowering words we
might believed, but in the end you will know there motive to come
along, is to ruin and break you.
We must knew in the first place that promises meant be broken, and
also we should avoid ourselves to the person who make us foolish.
We can see a person’s true colors when you are no longer beneficial
to their life and forget about one’s you don’t and believe everything
happens for the reason.
As a woman before we enter in relationship we should love ourselves
first before anyone else,don’t look for a right person, be a right
Submitted by:
Elena N.Veraque
Jennifer T.Labto

Submitted to:
Ms.Danna Mae Alim
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