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Eastern Orthodoxy The term orthodox originates from the Greek words

meaning “right belief”

Formerly from the Eastern half of the Roman

Now: The Byzantine Empire, also referred to as
theEastern Roman Empire or Byzantium, was
the continuation of the Roman Empire in
its easternprovinces during Late Antiquity and
the Middle Ages, when its capital city was
Constantinople (modern Istanbul, formerly
astern Orthodoxy

Orthodox Christianity officially broke communion with it’s Latin speaking counterparts
in the west now: Roman Catholic Christianity in year 1054
astern Orthodoxy

The word PROTESTANT is often popularly understood

as one protesting against the errors of the Roman
Catholic Church the Latin word from which it
originates primarily means to declare something
formally in public

Protestant Reformation

The three Lutheran SOLAS or

Sola Scriptura – Scripture
The Bible, as God’s divinely inspired word is
the means by which one is saved through faith
in Jesus. Consequently all Christian teaching,
beliefs, and practices must not contradict in
the Bible
Sola Fide – Faith Alone
Means that good works on the part of individuals
are not necessary to be declared by God as
rightous; Holiness is a gift from God and not the
result of one’s action.
Sola Gratia – Grace Alone

Insists that God grants grace independently, even

without any human cooperation whatsoever.
acred texts

The early Christian Community recognized the Hebrew

scriptures as sacred and containing the Word of God referring
to this sacred texts as the Old Testament (First Testament)
Christian writings qouted from the Torah and the Nevi’im,
which the Jewish followers of Jesus of Nazareth believed,
foreshadowed and authenticated his work as the awaited
Messiah In addition to the Old Testament.
Sacred texts

There is a new Testament because their was an earlier First (Old)

Testament or covenant. Christians believe that in and through Jesus
of Nazareth the God of Israel has renewed the Divine covenant with
humanity. The new Testament is different from the Old Testament
in many significant ways
Sacred Texts

The documents of the new Testament were all written about two
years ago, within the first century of the common era, after the
death and Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth around 30 CE To make
it’s message understood by most of the people in the known world
Sacred Texts