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SPEED: Drones are not stuck in traffic jams or

queues or lines as they can avoid transportation PAYLOAD: Amazon’s beta testing is limited to
infrastructure. Does not require human packages weighing less than five pounds. Any
intervention and the process can be automated packages bigger or heavier will mean a larger
over time with machine learning based drone, which also requires larger battery life.

SAVING: Drones consume less energy SIGHT OF OPERATION: in rural and suburban
per(package) than delivery trucks, the areas to investigate what happens to things the
additional warehouse energy required and drone can’t see outside its camera range going
the longer distances travelled by drones mainstream will require widespread adoption of
per package greatly increase the life-cycle transportation rules that authorise flight beyond
impacts line of visual sight.

REAL TIME TRACKING: One of the major benefits

of GPS tracking is that a business can view vehicle PACKAGE RETURN : Pick up packages from
progress in real time. Such updates put a business businesses selling goods on Amazon and ship
in direct control of vehicles en route, allowing the them to consumers, pick up packages from
company to make better decisions and improve businesses selling goods on Amazon and ship
customer service. them to consumers