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■ The first Oblate missionary apostolate in Sulu and Tawi-Tawi was divided among
three of the seven pioneers who came to the Philippines in 1939, namely, Fr. Emile
Bolduc (arrival – October 20, 1939), Fr. Cuthbert Billman and Fr. George Dion
(arrival – November 10,1939). They took over the work from an old Jesuit Priest
named Fr. Rebull and a Jesuit brother.
The Immediate Post-War Years to 1954

■ The war officially ended on September 2, 1945, and the Oblate Fathers soon faced
the problem of reconstruction. In Sulu, the elementary school (Mt. Carmel School)
conducted by the Belgian Sisters, was destroyed. However, the church and convent
were spared
■ To rebuild Mt. Carmel, Fr. Dion tore down the chapel in Asturias and used the
materials for the school. The Belgian Sisters who were in Baguio were convinced by
Fr. Dion to return to Jolo and conduct the school. Later, Fr. Bolduc and Dion opened
Notre Dame High School in 1947. Fr. Dion also refitted a “ship to shore” boat which
he managed to obtain from the United States Navy
The Immediate Post-War Years to 1954

■ The apostolic work in education, health and parish building continued but it soon
spread out into other apostolates as a result of social,economic, and cultural
■ Notre Dame of Ungus Matata (also known as Notre Dame of Celebes and Notre
Dame of Tandubas) was founded in 1955 by Fr.Dion
■ Notre Dame of Cagayan de Sulu
■ Notre Dame of Sanga-sanga
Transition to the Apostolic Vicariate of
■ In 1958, the Marist Brothers took over the administration of the Notre Dame of Jolo
Highschool Boys Department while the Dominican Sisters took over the work of the
Presentation Sisters in the elementary and girls high school.
■ Bishop McSorley was formally installed as the Apostolic Vicar of the newly created
Vicariate of Sulu on December 19, 1958 with Archbishop Luis Rosario, S.J., D.D.,
Archbishop of Zamboanga as officiating Prelate in the installation ceremonies
Mt. Carmel Cathedral, Jolo,Sulu
Immaculate Conception of Mary Parish,
■ The ministry caters to both Christians and Muslims.
■ The ministry for Catholics is geared to strengthen the faith through prayer and
service (bible reflection, liturgy preparation, prolonged baptismal and marriage
■ The other ministries serve Christians and Muslims (Social Development, Health
Ministry & Education)
Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage
Mission, Cagayan de Sulu
■ The parish is engaged in the health ministry and a Credit Union for its Social
Development ministry.
■ Responds to some needs of the community
Santo Niño Mission, Bato-Bato

■ Bato-bato is a place located in mainland Tawi-tawi belonging to the municipality of

■ Was abandoned temporarily for the place was declared as a “no man’s land.”
■ At present Bato-Bato, is covered by PME Fathers from Bongao parish. The building
and strengthening of Christian community continues wherein local leaders are
trained to lead the groups in their prayer meetings and the Liturgy of the Word, in
the absence of priest.
Tabawan Mission

■ The mission in Tabawan through its school, introduced Islam’s religious instruction
to the first and second year students. The new Father Gregoire Hall was made
available for the student’s Friday noontime (luhur) prayer. Soon the villagers began
to join the students in Friday prayer
■ They began to experience closer ties where they discuss and promote religious
values and find solutions to community problems.
■ A mosque was built as requested by students and teachers with the responsive
cooperation of the community.
St. Francis of Asisi Mission, Sibutu

■ The mission began when Oblate Fr. Dion sailed to the Island of Sibutu
■ Representatives from the village asked for the opening of a Notre Dame school…
■ Fr. Emile Laquerre supervised the construction of the school with Fr. Eugene Glaub.
■ The school opened in 1957
■ From the beginning of the mission to the present the people of Sibutu have
supported the work of the Vicariate in the areas of health care, education, and
family life programs
Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Parish,
■ The “parish” or mission of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary was founded during the
Spanish times by the Jesuit Fathers.
■ It was then called Sacred Heart Parish
■ The parish has a hospital managed by the Medical Missionary Sisters who also
display great interest in helping in the parish
Our Lady Star of the Sea Mission,
■ The mission was opened from Sibutu on March 25, 1986 by Fr. Ben Gomez, OMI.
■ On June 1, 1988 Bro.Ed Mallorca, FMS was assigned as School Coordinator. With
the active lay leadership of Jun Husain, Tony Go and Mrs. Zeny Cayman, Christian
community building had started with Sunday services and meetings at least twice a
month. The vicariate has recently secured a site for a church building
Tongehat Mission

■ Tongehat Mission was opened from Sibutu on January 31, 1987 by Fr. Ben Gomez,
■ This mission is now coming to life and a chapel is already taking shape over the sea
■ At present the Oblate missionaries in the Vicariate of Jolo are generously assisted by
religious co-workers, namely: Marist Brothers of the Schools (FMS), Carmelite Sisters
of Charity (CaCH), Franciscan Missionaries of Mary (FMM), Discacled Carmelite
Nuns (OCD), Oblates of Notre Dame (OND), Dominican Sisters of Sta. Catalina de
Siena (OP), Society of Catholic Medical Missionaries (SCMM), Associates of Notre
Dame (AND)