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Greek Gods Family Tree Chaos

Single parent or Gaia Nyx

unknown second Tartarus Eros Erebus
(Earth) (Night)

Two parents
Momus Ponos Moros Thanatos Hypnos The The Keres Apate Philotes Geras Eris
Relationship Typhon Uranus Mountains Pontus Aether Hemera Nemesis
(blame) (woe) (fate) (death) (sleep) Hesperides and Fates (deception) (friendship) (age) (strife)
or marriage

Mortal family 6 generations, Mnemosyne The Cyclopes Cronus Rhea Coeus Phoebe Hyperion Hecatonchires Echidna
God(dess) or Iapetus Oceanus Tethys
No border tree, eventually eventually
important mortal from Poseidon from Epaphus

Line Titan

Dashed Monster Electryon
Melia Inachus “Three-thousand sons and daughters”
Dotted Other Hestia Hades Hera Poseidon Demeter Zeus Leto Epimetheus Prometheus Atlas Pleione

Semele Licymnius Alcmene

Dione Io

Blue Male

Pink Female Pleiades

Dryope or
Maia Asterope Calaeno Electra Alcyone Taygete
Merope or Aero

Dionysus Heracles Ares Hebe Hephaestus The Muses Persephone Athena Epaphus Aphrodite Apollo Artemis Hermes Gods of Olympus
God of Olympus
Calliope, Clio, 1 Hebe resigned her place after she married Heracles.
Erato, Euterpe, 2 Hades was considered an Olympian god but spent most of his
Genealogies Melpomene,
Some rights reserved. See time in the underworld.
Many Greek gods have conflicting genealogies: Aphrodite is sometimes said Polyhymnia,
to be born “from the foam of the sea” rather than from Zeus and Dione. Terpsichore, Tyche Rhodos Peitho Eunomia Hermaphroditus Abderus Pan
/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/ The Gods of Olympus occupied Mount Olympus.
Clymene either has six parents or the name refers to six distinct people. Thalia, Urania