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Stress, is defined as a reaction of

the body and mind to unkind or
challenging life incidents such as
tense feelings, worry, and
Types of stress Contrary to popular
belief, stress is not always negative;
depending on the person’s case,
stress can be either positive or
This can be classified into eustress and
distress. Eustress is the positive stress,
which is the enhancing influence to one’s
productivity and satisfaction. It helps
promote growth and accomplishment, as
well as stimulate the individual to do more
work. Distress, on the other hand, is also
known as negative stress. This type of
stress is detrimental to the performance of
an individual.
Causes and Effects of Stress

Just as there is great variety in the range

of emotions you might experience, there
are many possible manifestations of
stress – in your private life and in your
working life.
Here are some words that describe the
emotions associated (as cause and effect)
with stress.

Prolonged stress can be devastating; burnout,
breakdown, and depression are some of the
potential results of long-term, unmanaged
stress. By wearing a mask, you may expect to
hide stress caused by problems in your
personal life and not let them influence your
performance on the job. This will probably
not work. The more you try to hold your
emotions in, the greater the pressure build-
up will be.
Activity: WHAT CAUSES YOU TO “LOSE YOUR COOL”? We all have certain things, situations, or
people that cause us to lose our composure from time to time. Determine what causes YOU to
“lose your cool” by completing this activity. When you begin to identify your stressors, you
can become skilled at preventing negative consequences. Place an X next to each factor that
causes you stress. There are blank spaces provided so you can add your own.
______ being late
______ too much homework
______ speaking in public
______ arguments with friends
______ restrictions at home
______ chores
______ lack of sleep
______ pimples
______ physical education class
______ math class
______ English class
______ other class
______ boredom
______ rude people
______ no money
______ no transportation
______ playing on a sports team
______ not being included in a sports team
______ losing something
______ parents fighting
______ getting detention
______ your job
______ taking tests
______ video games
______ using a computer
______ closed-in spaces
______ commercials
______ interruptions while busy
______ getting an injection
______ arguments with parents
______ fight with boyfriend/girlfriend
______ losing
______ careless drivers
______ slow drivers
______ loud people
______ baby crying
______ disrespectful children
______ a friend betrays you
Understand the Causes of Stress

Understanding why you are under stress is

important. This may seem obvious, but it
requires deliberate, conscious effort to pause
and simply ponder your situation. By now,
you are familiar with the stress response, the
emotional or physical symptoms of
uncontrolled stress. Now you need to try to
discover the stressors, the factors of which
create the stress in your life.
Deal with the Stressors Develop techniques
to deal with the causes of stress. The longer
you avoid dealing with the stress factors, the
more the stress will build up. If tension
comes because you have put off an
unfinished task, restructure your priorities so
you can get the task that you have been
avoiding out of the way and off your mind.
Learn to Work under Pressure or Unusual
Conditions When you can’t reduce the stressors,
you need to manage your stress response. Almost
everyone, at least at some point, has to meet
deadlines, keep several jobs going at once, resolve
problems that come up, and do extra work when
necessary. However, when the pressure mounts,
you can relieve it. Relaxation is key—but most
people must train themselves to relax when the
pressure is on.
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