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Industry Overview Industry Overview

• Industry is filled with FMCG products with big brands like • E-commerce industry in India growing at a very fast rate because
Patanjali, HUL, P&G, Marico, etc. of increasing internet penetration and easy of use
• Lots of small companies making generic ayurvedic products by • 100% FDI in B2B & in marketplace model in e-commerce allows
reverse engineering products of big brands entry of big players
• Big opportunity for ayurvedic products in rural India; people from • 51% CAGR expected in the next few years making it a $120Bn
urban India also switching to healthier products industry by 2020

Company Overview Company Overview

• Founded by Dr. S. K. Burman 133 years ago to provide affordable

• With only a few competitor present in India, Amazon entered
cure for ordinary people in far-flung villages
India in 2013
• One of the leading FMCG companies in India with with revenues
• Wide range of selections from both local and international sellers
of over INR7680 crores
• Huge capital investment capabilities helped carve out a big
• Ayurvedic medicine & natural consumer products manufacturer
market share of 39% with a valuation of $16Bn
• Consists of 3 companies in its group – New U, Namaste, Hobby