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- Orbit (Revolution) and rotation of the

planets. As discovered by kepler, the
planets orbit on ellipses with the sun at
one focus. In addition the planets all
revolve in the same direction on their
is a circular movement of an
object around a center (or point )
of rotation . A rotation about an
external point.
An axis is an imaginary
reference line drawn through an
object, in astronomy axis usually
refers to the line about which an
object rotates.
In astronomy, path of a body
revolving an attracting centre
of mass, as a planet around
the sun or a satellite around a
Planetary law
Are three scientific laws describing the motion
of Planets around the sun

1.The orbit of a planet is an ellipse with

the sun at one of the two foci.

2. Aline segment joining a planet and

the sun sweeps out equal intervals
of time.
3. The square of the orbital
period of a planet is
proportional to the cube of
the semi-major axis of its