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Kay Sunderland

Making the grade at Attain Learning


 Attain was founded by Caroline Nicholas and it offered custom business training
solutions that combined traditional corporate training methods with dynamic
multimedia content and case studies.

 Main product line focussed on developing financial acumen in non-financial


 Employee satisfaction was very high in the organisation.

 A flat organizational structure was designed to facilitate a more nimble organization.

This structure also supported the entrepreneurial culture of the firm.

 Training program contract strategy and detail(Account director)

Other directors and experts Meet with client (Acc. Director

 Dr. John Chama : COO
• Experienced
• Motivator
• Not an Hands-on manager

 Kay Sunderland : Account director

• Formal,professional
• Business and strategy specialist
• Speaks her mind
• Somewhat inflexible and over demanding
 Mike Morgan : Content development director

• Talented content developer

• Creative
• Inquisitive
• Can turn Aggressive while defending his ideas

 Juan Nunez : Chief Learning Officer

 Not easy to persuade
 Open to ideas
 Adamant on what he wants
 Thorough professional

 Morgan called Juan Nunez multiple times when only person to

communicate with client is the account director.
 How should Kay respond to this situation?
 Should she leave a message on Morgan’s phone immediately? Or wait for
his meeting to get over and then call him?
 Should she report to Chama?
 COERSIVE POWER : Ability of a manager to force employee to follow orders
by threatening with punishments.
 LEGITIMATE POWER : Power that comes with formal position or office held in
organization’s hierarchy
 REWARD POWER : Power to give some type of reward as means to
influence the employees to act.
 REFERENT POWER : Power over an individual over the team or followers
based on high level of identification with,admiration of,or respect for the
power holder/leader.
 EXPERT POWER : Power based upon Employees perception that a manger
or some other member of the organization has a high level of knowledge or
a specialized level of skills that other employees or members do not possess.
 Call Juan and pacify his anger.

 Immediately set up a meeting with Mike to make him understand the

gravity of the situation.

 Keep Mr. Chana posted about the situation and progress but not directly
involve him.