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the diversity of
t h e l iRE
West Visayas:

• Compromised of Iloilo, Capiz , Antique , Aklan, Negros

Occidental, and Guimaras.
• Those people in this region speak language that have
given to the literary legacy of West Visayas – the
Hiligaynon and Aklanon- which is from Kiniray-a.
How the
the Literature
Literature Unfolded?
How the Literature Unfolded?
By Kiniray-a which was the language of the 10
datus from Borneo who, that according to the stories of
our old folks, gave a golden headgear and a necklace
that reach the ground to the aboriginal Ati, in exchange
for the island of Panay.
oral tradition of hiligaynon
“Binalaybay” (poem)

“Paktakon” (riddle)

“Hurubaton” (proverb)

“Ili-ili” (lullaby)

“Balitaw” (love song)

“Ambahan” (long song)

“Asoy” (tale)

“Siday” (poetic duel)

s i d a y
Folk songs
Usually accomplish by string,
percussion, or wind instruments. When the Spaniards arrived ,
the folk literature of the Hiligaynon
continue to prosper. During that time
• Examples of Panay Epics the invention of the “composo” came
(also known as “sugidon”) – in – a ballad sung as a tribute to a folk
hero in a community.
“Labaw Donggon” and the
- a game which was commonly
played; and for the loser he/she needs to
recite the “luwa” – a quatrain.
- establish by common
religious text across several local
“Flores de Mayo”
- incorporated by Hiligaynon
literature .
- a devotional prayer sung for
the Virgin Mary every month of May.
- prayed for 9 nine days.
- a devotion to saints or
-celebrated during feasts to honor
of saints , local poets would perform an
ode , as a tribute to fiesta queen.
- a Bicolano by birth.
- -Contributed greatly to Hiligaynon literature by
establishing the Imprenta La Panayan in Ilo-ilo
City around late 1800’s
- His publication paved a way for the emergence
of written Hiligaynon texts.
- He was responsible for publishing of the
popular “Alamanake Panayanhon”
- “Alamanake Panayanhon” contains the “passion”,
novenas and works by early Hiligaynon writers.
Thus, it is still publish up to this day.
Ushered in a Golden Age of
In this time, the Liwayway
Publications in Manila came up with
the “Hiligaynon” magazine, which
allowed Hiligaynon voice to be heard
in the nation’s capital and beyond.
Exemplary Poets: Excellent Essayist:
• Delfin Gumban • Rosendo Mejica
• Flavio Zaragoza Cano • Augurio Abeto ;
• Santiago Alv. Mulatom ; • Abe Gonzales
• Serapion Torre

Notable Novelists: Prominent Playwrights:

• Angel Magahum • Jose Ma. Ingalla
• Ramon L. Munsones ; • Jose Ma. Nava ;
• Magdalena Jalandoni • Miguela Montelibano

Mejica was responsible for the establishment of

Makinaugalingon Press in Manila.
In this period , the literature unfolded because of the publication establishment
like the “Yuhum” magazine (La Defensa Press) and “Kasanag” (Dioloso

Novelist: Prominent Writers:

• Isabela Sobrevega
• Jose E. Yap ; • Hernando Siscar
• Conrado Norada • Ramon L. Muzones
• Abe Gonzales ;
• Santiago Alv. Mulato
Hiligaynon fiction grew even more, thanks to Hiligaynon writers’
application of formalist conventions, like irony and characterization.

The novel remained popular while the short story gained its own
1960’s – names like : - emerged.
• Mario L. Villaret
• Nilo P. Pamanog
• Romeo Garganera
• Ismaelita Floro-Luza ;
• Ma. Luisa Defanta Gibraltar
PRESIDENT CORAZON • Campus writing in Kiniray-
a was heavily promoted ;
multiligual writing rose in
Hiligaynon Region.
• The Palanca Awards began to
1997 recognize exemplary
Hiligaynon short stories (side
by side with stories written in
English, Filipino and other
• local from the .West Visayas
region write beautifully in
TODAY Kiniray-a Hiligaynon, and
Aklanon-proof that the
literary tratdition of the area
has blossomed across the