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Relationship Competency

■ Before Sen. Pacquiao was able to win a seat in

the Senate, he was the man who was greatly
known for his capabilities in the field of boxing.
He was undeniably known as a great boxer not
just in the country but as well as the whole
world. He is also, a celebrity , businessman.

■ We had witnessed how Senator Manny Pacquiao

started from small earned entrepreneur to a shining
millionaire, he is a well-known boxer, a basketball
player, and a senator. All of these commitments are
well- handled as we saw how he’s been committed
to all of his responsibilities.
■ He had the qualities of a mannered entrepreneur of
his generation. He created his own earnings by
fighting inside the ring, sacrificing his own life to be
entitled the best and to be one of a proud hero to his
country. Now, we know him as a senator, the one
that supports bills that can help his countrymen, an
idealist and a good example of goal achiever
Strategy Competency

■ We cannot deny that Manny have this

competency. He plans ahead before fighting
under the ring. He and his team work together
and come up with strategies on how to win the
fight and planning tactics to use.
■ As an entrepreneur, we can see that he also
have strategy in using and managing his
money. He have a clean image with people, if
he is not preparing for a fight, in his free time,
we can see him in television shows,
endorsements or movies.