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Survey Report

• It is a research method used for

collecting data from a pre-defined
group of respondents to gain information
and insights on various topics of interest.
Purpose of the Survey Report

• The purpose of writing a survey report is

to study a research topic thoroughly and
to summarize the existing studies in an
organized manner.
Parts of a Survey Report

• Title Page
- It includes the date and who the
report is for.
• Table of Contents
- A written work of its chapter or
section titles or brief descriptions with their
commencing page numbers
Parts of a Survey Report

• Executive Summary
It summarizes a longer report or proposal of
related reports that readers can easily
understand without having to read it all.
• Background/Objectives
Specific statements that define
measurable outcomes and or what steps will
be taken to achieve the desired outcome.
Parts of a Survey Report

• Methodology
It is the systematic, theoretical analysis of
the methods applied to a field of study.
• Result means
It is where respondents are asked to
choose from a list of possible answers (multiple
choice), or was the question open-ended
(letting the respondents give an answer in their
own words)
Parts of a Survey Report
• Conclusion
It interprets the findings or results of an
• Recommendation
It is found after the conclusion and are
opinions supported by the report’s findings
• Appendices
Any additional information that supports or
extends the main document or report
Characteristics of a Survey

• Specific Objectives
Each survey item must align with one
or more of the survey objectives
• Straightforward Questions
The best survey items are ones that
respondents can understand and respond
to immediately
Characteristics of a Survey
• Proper Sample
In order to understand the perspective of
an entire population, it is necessary to gather
responses from a representative sample of that
• Reliable and Valid
Reliable surveys generate data that can
be reproduced. Valid surveys measure the
construct that are intended to measure.
Characteristics of a Survey

• Accurate Reporting of Results

Survey results must be carefully
analysed and reported in order to
accurately represent the perspectives of
the target population.
How to Write a Survey Report

• Summarizing your findings

• Providing background information
• Detailing the methods and results
• Analyzing Results and recommending