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Professional Practice

 Thevalue of extra work or change in

construction plans by the owner.

 Unit prices provided credit does not exceed

10 percent of original contract
 Actual direct cost plus 10 percent for profit,
overhead and tax
 Value included in contingencies
 Estimate and acceptance in lump sum
• The contractor is solely responsible for:

I. field reports to the owner II. field test III. scaffolding IV. reviewin
V. reviewing shop drawings

• A. I, II, and III

• B. II and III
• C. II, III, and IV
• D. III and V
 Refers to the most reasonable price of
land and shelter based on the needs and
financial capability of “program
beneficiaries and appropriate financial
schemes” (RA 7279).

 Financial range
 Affordable cost
 House rental wage range
 Lower housing rate
 Architectural programming is one of the
architect’s services that falls under:

 Pre Design
 Design
 Design-Build
 Specialized Services
 Itrefers to contracts or arrangements
involving the transfer of systematic
knowledge for the manufacture if a

 Technology transfer
 Transfer of Record
 Contract Documents
 Technical Transfer
 When the owner hires an Architect of a
firm to coordinate the whole range of
Comprehensive Architectural Services, it
shall constitute?

 Design-Build
 Labor Supervision
 Project Management
 Construction Service
 Which article is NOT included in the
Building Contract?

 Time of Completion and Liquidated Damages

 Performance & Payment Bonds
 Cost Records
 Payments
 Heis a registered & licensed architect,
who is academically and professionally
qualified, & with exceptional or
recognized expertise or specialization in
any branch of architecture;

 Architect-of-record
 Consulting Architect
 Architect
 Architect-in-charge of the construction
 A fulltime construction inspector hired by
owner assisting in the supervision of the

 Project Representative
 Engineer
 Contractor
 Architect
 After ___________ substantial
completion of contract work, the architect
shall inspect the project & issue certificate
of completion after certification, the
contractor will finish outstanding work
during period of making good of all known
defect of 60 days.
 85%
 98%
 95%
 90%
 Which of the following is NOT the architect’s
responsibility in relation to the contractor?
 The Architect shall immediately upon his personal
knowledge and inspection, reject or condemn materials,
equipment or workmanship which are not in conformity
with the Contract Documents in order not to cause
Unnecessary delay and additional expense to the
 The Architect shall not knowingly call upon the Contractor
to correct or remedy oversights or errors in the Contract
Documents to the Contractor’s financial advantage.
 The Architect shall give the contractor every reasonable
aid to enable him to fully understand the contents of the
Contract Documents by furnishing clear, definite and
consistent information in all pertinent contract documents
to avoid unnecessary mistakes that may involve extra
costs to the Contractor.
 The Architect shall consider the needs and stipulation of
the Contractor and the effect of his work upon the life and
well-being of the public and community as a whole
 In methods of compensation, if the
Architect as Project Manager performs
regular architectural services for the
same project, he is compensated
separately for these services as
stipulated in what UAP Documents?
 UAP Doc 201
 UAP Doc 202
 UAP Doc 203
 UAP Doc 204
 TheContractor shall submit the following
before Final Payment is to be released
except for:
 3 copies of directory of Panel boards with list
of circuits, instructions and Manuals for
Operating and Maintenance of Fixture and
Equipment and Keying Schedule
 Guarantee Bond equivalent to 40% of the
Contract Price covering a period of one year
after the Final Acceptance of the Work.
 Certificate of final Building occupancy.
 Original and 3 sets of prints of As-Built
Drawings of the finished project.
 Within how many months shall be the
release of Retention from date of Final
 3 months
 4 months
 5 months
 2 months
 This services giver full meaning to what
the professional calls comprehensive
Architectural Service. It wraps-up the
whole range of architectural services.
 Pre-Design Services
 Design- Build Services
 Post-Construction Services
 Comprehensive Architectural Services
 The approved form of security furnished
by the Contractor as a guarantee of good
faith on the part of the contractor to
execute the work in accordance with
terms of the Contract.
 Guarantee Bond
 Contract
 Performance Bond
 Payment Bond
 This means, an entities, agencies,
organization & the like that have been
accredited/registered with the Board of
Architecture of the Professional Regulation
Commission to deliver seminars, lectures, &
other continuing Professional Education
Modules for Architects, other than the
IAPOA which is automatically accredited by
the Board of Architecture?
 United Architects of the Philippines
 CPD Provider
 Integrated Accredited Professional Organization
of Architects
 The architect of a housing project was
give Php 300,000.00 for the first unit he
designed. How much will he receive for
the tenth housing unit?
 Php 300,000.00
 Php 420,000.00
 Php 480,000.00
 Php 500,000.00
 Under PD 1096 the executive officer of
OBO appointed by the secretary to
enforce the provision of the code in the
field as well as the enforcement or orders
and decisions made pursuant thereto.
 Architect
 Urban Planner
 Building official
 City Engineer
 Which of the following situation would
trigger the owner to suspend work?
 Bankruptcy-Declared by BIR
 Insubordination
 Non-payment of contactors debt/non
superintendence of contractor
 All of the above
 Contract Documents shall be the property
of the
 Architect
 Owner
 Contractor
 Both a & b
 Itis instructions that supplement or
modify drawings, specs, & general
conditions of the contract.
 Special Provisions
 Supplementary Specs
 Written Notice
 Instruction to Bidders
• Which of the following is NOT
an accurate statement?

• The Architect is responsible for the defect in the

work if he or she sees it but fails to report it to the
• The owner has the sole right to make changes in
the work but must do it through the Architect.
• The Architect does not have to verify and test
reports given by the owner.
• By the time construction documents are almost
completed, the architect still does not have to give
a reasonably accurate construction price.
 All is essential to the production of good
construction documents as are the
drawings or the specifications. All are
included forms except
 Invitation to Bid
 Wage Scales
 Bond Form
 Building Permit
 The_________ shall submit ________
copies of shop drawings for the architect’s
 Engineer/ 5
 Sub-contractor/4
 Project representative/5
 Contractor/3