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Learning Session On

• Background 8 key behaviors - Ranked by importance

Engineers Myth at Google
Larry & Sergey experiment (2002)
Google Dilemma – Managing highly skilled hires who don’t value
mgmt Debunking engineers myth – 2009; Do Managers Matter?
• Research-1
Exit Interviews, Googlegeist ratings and semiannual review Identified
high-scoring managers and low scoring managers
• Research-1 Findings
High scoring manager – less turnover on their teams Connection
between managers quality & employee’s happiness
• Conclusion & Building up to next Research
Managers indeed mattered
What do high scoring managers do?
• Research-2
Performance reviews, googlegeist, great-mgr awards, interviews
Interviews with high and low scoring managers
• Research-2 Findings 3 pitfalls of Managers
8 key behaviors demonstrated by the company’s most effective mgrs
Have trouble making a transition to the team
3 pitfalls of Mgrs
• Putting findings into practice Lack a consistent approach to Perf Mgmt & Career
Assessments & Training Programs, UFS & TMS Development
Panel Discussions featuring high-scoring managers
New managers orientation – Start Right Spend too little time managing and
‘Great Manager Award’ revamped communicating
Each management behaviour was broken down into specific activities and best practices

Assign stretch assignments to empower the
team to tackle big problems
Comments: “My manager was able to see my
potential and gave me opportunities that allowed
me to shine and grow. For ex: early on in my role,
she asked me to pull together a cross-functional
team to develop a goal-setting process. I was new to
the role, so she figured it would be a great way for
me to get to know the team and also to create
accountability and transparency. Once it was
developed, she sent me to one of our Europe
offices—on my own!—to deliver the training to
• Aligned approach with Google culture
• By November 2012, the company had shown statistically
significant improvements in multiple areas of managerial
• Lowest-scoring managers particularly improved in the
areas of – coaching and career development
• Significant improvement in 75% of their worst performing
• ‘Better the knowledge, better the manager’ proved
• Managers Matter was proved
• Paved way for analytics in HR
An Audio Interview

Link: Improving_Manage
• Lets reflect
– How we manage PMS and Career Development
– How well the feedback from employee surveys are
captured, And what do we do with the output
– How we change any process, policy or programs

• Create a management model with clearly defined

basics and Assess the behavior against that
• Understanding that Analytics is key for better
people decision making
Thank you !