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A Study on the DepEd’s Goal in

Relation to the Preference of the

Computer Programming Graduating
Students of La Consolacion University
of the Philippines

Foreign Studies Local Studies

• Students who settle on their career related • By The K-12 curriculum, they may produce
choices every year in job planning (Witko, globally competitive and guarantee the
Bernes, Magnusson, & Bardick, 2006) employability of the students (Andales,
Elarcosa, Sinco, & Ramirez, n.d)

• An education and preparation in business is • Business enterprise has been the prolong
battle of different associations (Evangelista,
developing quickly (Katz, 2003; Kuratko,
2013), as referred to Mendoza and Lacap
2005; Martin, McNally, & Kay, 2013)
• Students under study truly aspire to pursue
• Understudies participate in to pursue higher college degree (Aguado, C L., Laguador, J M.
education (Ceja, 2004) & Deligero, JC L., 2015)

Statement of the Problem

• To analyze which among the three goals of

DepEd is the most preferred choice of the
Computer Programming Graduating Students.

Objective of this Study

• To be informed to the most

preferred choice of the
students among three major
goals of DepEd.

Significance of the study

 This study will used to many people who may want to know the most
preferred choice in three major goals of DepEd. Therefore, the study
is significant to:

• Students
• Parents
• Teacher
• Academe


Respondents and Sampling
Section Total Number of Total Number of
Students Respondents Table 1 shows the total number of
Computer Programming students in La
Computer 46 20
Consolacion University of the
Programming 1 Philippines.
Computer 42 0
Programming 2
Computer 40 10 Sections Computer Programming 1, 3, 4
Programming 3 and 5, 10-20 students per section will be
Computer 39 10 given a test questionnaire which totals to
60 respondents, 60 of the survey
Programming 4
questionnaires will be retrieved and it will
Computer 45 20 be utilized to its full data by using quota
Programming 5 sampling.
Computer 19 0
Programming 6
Total 231 60
Research Design and Method

• The researchers will utilize quantitative • This study will use descriptive method in order to
design. Quantitative data refers to thoroughly explain the DepEd’s three major goals in
numbers and measurements, it is relation to their preference.
substantially more helpful when
discovering examples or conduct on The target of this study is to make people aware that
overriding topics (Joseph, 2014). students was intact or not in their goal.

We are done