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Digital Marketing Training

By Yogesh Sonar
(Google Certified Trainer)
Topics :
• Types of Marketing: Digital & Traditional
• Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing
• What is Digital Marketing?
• Benefits of Digital Marketing
• Methods of Digital Marketing
• Latest trends in Digital Marketing
• Future of Digital Marketing
• Print Media Vs Digital Media
• Inbound / Outbound Marketing
* What is Marketing :
• Marketing refers to the activities of a company
associated with buying and selling a product
or service. It includes advertising, selling and
delivering products to people.
* Traditional Marketing :
• It is the traditional modes of marketing that have
been used since the beginning of marketing and
• This includes:
• Television.
• Newspaper.
• Radio.
• Flyers and billboards by the roads and highways.
• Ads in related weekly magazines.

What is Digital Marketing?
• Digital marketing is a modern marketing
technique that makes use of the internet.
• Digital marketing includes platforms like:
• Social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.
• Business networking sites like LinkedIn.
• Promotional ads via emails.
• Blogs,etc

Benefits of Digital marketing :

• Reduced cost :
Newspaper ads, television ads, and the likes cost a lot.
Online advertising on the other hand is something even
young entrepreneurs can afford right out of some saved up

• Real time result :

With traditional marketing, you have to wait for weeks,
sometimes even months before the boosts start to turn up.
In this battle of traditional vs. online marketing, online
marketing wins again owing to its quick results.
* Analytics :
You can see everything in real time including:
Number of visitors.
Most active time of the day.
Conversion rates.
Bounce rates.
When you have the result handy in real time,
you waste no time taking action.
* Methods of Digital Marketing :
• 1 SEO
• 2 SMO
• 3 PPC
• 4 Content Marketing
• 5 Video Marketing , etc
Search Engine Optimisation
• SEO is the process to get the ranking of
website in Google or any search engine SERP's
(Search engine result pages).
• If our website is on 1st page of Google then
we will get more visitors and business.
• There are two important parts in SEO
1. On page optimisation :
• Keyword analysis
• Meta tags creation (Title, Desc, Key)
• Google analytics
• Google Webmaster
• Heading tags
• Content optimisation,etc
2. Off page optimisation :

• Dir ( Normal, regional,niche)

• local classifieds
• business listings
• Social bookmarking
• Document Sharing pdf, ppt
• video submissions
• image submissions
• competitor back links
*Directory Submissions
• A group of websites where we can
submit our website with keywords to
generate the back links.
Directory Submission types
1. Normal Submission
2. Niche Submission : relevant dir
3. Regional Submission : location based
Benefits of Directory Submissions
• 1. It generates quality back links for the
• 2. To promote the website with specific
• 3. To increase the visitor of the site.
Regional Directory Submissions
• With regional directory submissions we can
benefits by geographically targeted links for
1. Online visibility for local searches is high
2. Able to drive a considerable amount of
targeted traffic to your website
* Deep Link - Any inbound link that points to an
inner page of a site is a deep link.
• Free directory submission websites
• Free high PR directory submission websites
• USA free directory
• UK Free directory list,etc
* Classifieds
• It is a process of posting your ad on various
classified sites in order to promote your business
brand, services and products.

• Free Classified Ads helps you connect to the

buyer/seller within a short period of time. Free
Classified Ads Online is best way to buy and sell
property, mobile phone, cars, automobiles,
laptop, computers, flats, motor bikes, business
opportunity, computers accessories, sports
equipments, anything and everything.
Format of classified :
• Title
• Description :
• Contact us details
• Eg. Olx, quikr etc

• Drawback : Its only visible short time. After

some time we need to repost ads.
Biz Listing
• A business listing is an online entry that
contains your business Name, Address and
phone number along with other details. There
are a lot of websites like Justdial and
Indiamart where local businesses can create
free local business listings.
• Live links will not expire
• Thank You...