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Lesson Plan: Methods of

Assessing Students Learning

Chanel Green
Edu 202/ Spring 2019
What are assessment methods?

• Assessment methods are the strategies, techniques, tools

and instruments for collecting information to determine
the extent to which students demonstrate desired
learning outcomes.
Different ways of Assessing Students

 Ask students to reflect - During the last five minutes of class ask students to reflect on the lesson and write
down what they’ve learned. Then, ask them to consider how they would apply this concept or skill in a
practical setting.
 Use quizzes - give a short quiz at the end of class to check the comprehension of the lesson.
 Journal reflections -Students write their reflections on a lesson, such as what they learned, what caused them
difficulty, strategies they found helpful, or other lesson-related topics. Students can reflect on and process
 Peer instruction - Perhaps the most accurate way to check for understanding is to have one student try to
teach another student what she’s learned. If she can do that successfully, it’s clear she understood your
 One question quiz -Ask a single focused question with a specific goal that can be answered within a minute
or two. You can quickly scan the written responses to assess student understanding.
 Essays - essays make two important contributions to learning and assessment: the development of skills and
the cultivation of a learning style.
Purposes of Assessing Students Learning

 Students and teachers can use the information gained from assessment to determine their
next teaching and learning steps.
 Parents and families can be kept informed of next plans for teaching and learning and the
progress being made, so they can play an active role in their children’s learning.
 School leaders can use the information for school-wide planning, to support their teachers
and determine professional development needs.
 Communities and Boards of Trustees can use assessment information to assist their
governance role and their decisions about staffing and resourcing.
 The Education Review Office can use assessment information to inform their advice for
school improvement.
 Edulastic
Formative assessment tool that tracks achievement of benchmarks.
 Flipgrid
Ask questions, spark introspective multimedia responses with outstanding tool.
 GoClass
Give powerful interactive lessons to kids via their mobile devices.
 The Answer Pad
Easy to use, assessment product for your classroom.
 Socrative
Powerful assessments to measure student learning.
 Kahoot!
Gamified student-response tool that can make assessment fun and competitive.
 Quizalize
Turn formative assessment into a game show.
 GoSoapBox
Simple, easy to use web-based clicker tool gives instant feedback.
 Poll Everywhere
Simple student-response tool.
 TodaySMeet
Simple online conversations allow teachers and their students to communicate outside of the classroom.
 Piazza
Cutting edge Q&A tool facilitates discussion and develops critical thinking skills.