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Presentation on

“OPD Department”
Of Fortis Hospital(Mohali)
Made By-Tarun Arora & Group
Of MBA(Healthcare Management)
Of Chitkara Business School
Submitted To-Miss. Ajninder Kaur
Functions of OPD
Workflow of OPD
Essentials of OPD
Factors affecting Patient flow
Reasons for delay in Patient flow
Ways to improve Patient flow
What is OPD?
Outpatient Department (OPD) is very important wing of
the hospital serving as mirror of the hospital.
OPD is visited by large section of community.
It is the first point of contact between patient and
hospital staff.
Functions Of OPD
To provide community a major source of specialist diagnostic
medical opinion.
To treat on ambulatory & domiciliary basis all cases which can
be treated.
To refer patients for admissions to the hospital.
To carry out after care & medical rehabilitation after discharge.
To promote health by means of health education.
Workflow Of OPD
Essentials For OPD
To search an actual OPD location from the main entrance of a hospital
is very difficult
and time consuming to patient and their relatives.
 Floor Plan:-The activities of the outpatient department (OPD) are
conducted on the specific
floor of the hospital. That floor has separate cabins for the doctors
where they see
their OPD patients.
 OPD Timing:- The hospital is operational for few days in a week for a
specific OPD on limited
scheduled time. For e.g. ENT OPD conduct on Tuesday & Friday between
9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.
 Patient Flow:-In healthcare,Patient Flow means the flow of patients in
various departments to avail different medical facilities as per their
treatment going on or to have proper diagnosis through visiting the
doctor followed by follow up of the particular department to which
they refer for proper treatment of the disease.
Factors affecting Patient Flow
I. Number of patients visiting OPD on daily basis.
II. Types of patients seen as per their health issues.
III. Hospital policies on frequency of the patient visits
IV. Size and composition of staffing models
Reasons for delay in Patient Flow
Waiting in queue for appointment and registration.
Waiting for a doctor
Waiting for preliminary test result.
Waiting for investigations performed outside or for a specialist
from outside.
Waiting to find a hospital bed or to go to a hospital bed
Waiting for patients attendants for patient admission
Ways to improve the Patient flow
Clearly indicate the actual location of OPD so
searching time will be minimized.
Avoid the bottleneck at the time of appointment and
Know your staff capacities and schedule accordingly.
 Keep multiple counters for appointment and
registration with short time procedure.
Plan instead for a traffic flow that moves patients
sequentially through a visit without crossing paths or
retracing steps.
 Provide touch-down stations where staff can write
notes after a patient visit without going back to an
office or nurses station.
Thank You