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Traffic Management For Ambulance
Traffic Management For Ambulance
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⮚ Every life matters. Accidents can happen anytime;

anywhere to anybody.
⮚ They can also happen to our near and dear ones,
hence, today's need for emergency medical
transportation services has increased.
⮚ In case of any life-threatening medical emergencies,
we first need to stay calm and call the nearest
ambulance services to get emergency medical help.
Traffic Management For Ambulance
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⮚ More than 30% of emergency deaths

occur due to heavy traffic jams.
⮚ Time is of the essence during medical
emergencies, speedy access to the medical
ambulance is need of an hour.
⮚ Citizens, police, hospitals need to join
hands to resolve the ambulance Delay
Death problem.
Traffic Management For Ambulance
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⮚ While driving on the road with emergency vehicles

▪ Slowdown and move over to a different lane if
▪ Pull over to the edge of the roadway, clear of
crossings, and stop.
▪ Stay at least 500 feet behind any moving
ambulance displaying flashing warning lights and
sounding a siren. Never race after an ambulance to
get through a traffic light.
▪ Never pass a moving ambulance displaying
flashing lights unless coordinated to do so by a
cop or emergency personnel.
Traffic Management For Ambulance
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⮚ Whenever you're driving and you notice an

ambulance on its way, with their lights and
sirens on, understand that time is of the
essence - move over swiftly and carefully.
⮚ New innovative technology solutions are
invented to and traffic light priority control
for ambulances has also been thought to
bring change in this situation.
Traffic Management For Ambulance
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⮚ Traffic signals now have adopted an advanced

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
technology which is specifically designed to allow
emergency vehicles such as ambulances to safely
cross paths while continuing an efficient flow of
⮚ Traffic signals are fitted out with an emergency
vehicle preemption device, which allows
ambulances to activate a green signal in the
direction they are traveling. The device is
prompted by the sound of the emergency vehicle’s
siren. That’s when the white and blue lights come
into play.
Traffic Management For Ambulance
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⮚ Meddco ambulance assistance service is available

offline as well as online. Meddco ambulance
booking app has been developed with the simple
objective to increase the chances of saving a life
by avoiding unnecessary time delays in traffic
⮚ It offers lots of unique, advanced features such as
finding free or paid ambulance services near you,
real estimated travel time, direct on-call
communication for assistance, etc.
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