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CRM Software's used in Airline Industry

The best airline CRM systems:

01 | Salesforce
02 | Microsoft Dynamics 365
03 | webCRM
04 | Teamleader
Salesforce Salesforce pricing
Best for all-round excellence
Lightning Lightning
Salesforce Lightning
Professio Enterpris
Essentials Unlimited
 Trusted by over 150,000 businesses nal e
 claims to be the world’s number one CRM platform. Sales
 offers a range of pricing tiers to bring flexibility to your Cloud
£20 £60 £120 £240
sales and marketing efforts.
 has already boosted the business of big airlines Sales and
like British Airways Service N/A £80 £140 £260
 it’s a completely mobile, cloud-based solution – just like Cloud
your aircraft
• Superb integration • The more features
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• Comes with the software can be to
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• Solid customer approval ratings are
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Quickfire facts
Time to believe the hype? Salesforce:
•Commands around 20% of the CRM market share
•Employs around 35,000 people
•Was named the “World’s most innovative company” by Forbes… four years in a row
•Serves more than 88% of Fortune 100 companies
•Can boost sales productivity by 44%
Salesforce features and benefits

✔ Powerful analytics
One of Salesforce’s unique selling points is its superb suite of sales and business analytics. Salesforce’s AI-augmented data
discovery features can crunch the numbers, helping your business make smarter decisions. Meanwhile, Saleforce’s customisable,
intuitive interface visualises your pipeline and sales in a way that’s easy to interpret – and nice to look at.
✔ Integration heaven
Emails, spreadsheets, billing and invoice software… the reel of programs your business uses every day is endless.It
offers integrations with all the apps you need to run your business. Think G Suite, Slack, Quickbooks, MailChimp, Dropbox…
the list goes on. Also, the Salesforce AppExchange provides an online hub where anyone can create, publish, and install extensions
to Salesforce.
✔ More engaging marketing
Writing good emails – not to mention sending them to as wide an audience as possible – isn’t always the easiest part of the job.
With Salesforce, though, you can make your bulk emails not just faster, but better-looking, too. Create personalised emails, then
automate their delivery – for a quicker, cleaner way of responding to prospects.
✔ Cloud-based convenience
Salesforce is completely cloud-based software. That means all your business’ client, deal, lead and product info is stored ‘in the
cloud’. No more spreadsheets, downloads, or tatty, overstuffed folders – just log in from your smartphone, tablet, computer, or
watch, and start working.
✔ Cross-country collaboration
Switching to Salesforce helps take (most!) of the hassle out of working in an international team. Each CRM user can log in from
wherever they are in the world, and instantly see team progress. It won’t make time zones any easier to navigate, but it will make
it easier to close deals!
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Microsoft Dynamics 365 pricing
Best for intelligent reporting and analytics

Customer Unified
Dynamics Applications
Engagement Operations
365 Plan and offers
 Microsoft Dynamics isn’t the easiest CRM on the wallet – but Plan Plan
it’s certainly easy on the eye.
 It generates smart, colourful reports to help you stay on top of
your customer relationships. Available on
 You can also create personalised, good-looking emails to lure in
£86.70 £143.27 £158.36
lapsed customers with fresh flight deals and discounts.
 Better still, Dynamics 365 is powered by software giant
Microsoft – making it one of the most scalable solutions on the
• Has experience • One of the most
empowering airlines expensive CRM
• Built-in, innovative solutions on the
Artificial Intelligence market
(AI) lets you make • Phone support not
better business available on
decisions weekends
Microsoft features and benefits

1) Cloud & On-Premise Hosting Options: In general, there are two deployment options: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online or
Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Premise. CRM Online is a convenient cloud-based hosting solution. It has many business benefits
including the ability to remotely access and edit files in real-time, a fixed monthly cost without requiring any infrastructure, and
enhanced security protection. It eliminates the need to purchase hardware and licenses up front and manages your software updates
On the contrary, CRM On-Premise requires you to set up your application and servers within your own environment. This enables
total control over your data.
2) Integration with other Microsoft Products: It seamlessly integrates with all the major Microsoft products including Outlook,
Office 365, and SharePoint.
3) Sales & Marketing: The easy to use interface and feature-rich modules of Dynamics CRM for sales, marketing, and customer
service management allow your sales teams to access the software anytime, anywhere. The sales force automation shortens your
sales lifecycles and enhances staff productivity and understanding of prospects and customers. This, in turn, increases your
conversions. Moreover, the marketing automation module helps to simplify building the list of potential customers and leads,
creating marketing campaigns for target audience, measuring campaign results, and developing follow-up marketing efforts.
4) Customer Service: As customer service is at the forefront of a CRM software’s core functionality, Dynamics CRM makes it
easier to break down internal information silos quickly. It records all the interactions with existing and new customers, logs
responses and issues in a centralized location, enabling your customer service team to keep up with the accounts and respond with
the best possible solution to meet customer needs in real-time
Best for customer approval ratings webCRM pricing
Standard Plus Enterprise
 With a low price point, UK-based webCRM offers some of the
most effective CRM software on the market.
£20 £29 £47
 It contains task management and analysis tools that are simple
to use, so you can stay on top of all your key dates and deals.
webCRM is also a clear favourite among users online, with
a ‘Great’ Trustpilot rating.

• Seamlessly • Online reviews
synchronises with suggest user
data from your experience (UX) and
existing Enterprise onboarding support
Resource Planning could be improved
(ERP) system
• Free 14-day trial
makes investment
less risky
The advantages of CRM for airline
 Knowledge
A CRM system acts as a central database for your business. It shows you everything you need to know about your customers, deals, and
sales pipeline. Having key data about who you’re selling to reduces that heavy admin burden, and lets you turn one-time passengers into
air mile enthusiasts.
 Engagement
CRM software is also great for getting lapsed customers to engage with your brand and values. Craft tailored marketing campaigns with
special flight deals, and make those former flyers an offer they can’t refuse.
 Loyalty
Engaged customers are usually loyal customers, too. Whether it’s a business or an individual, a CRM makes it easy to reward your more
well-travelled clients.
 Efficiency
Airlines can’t afford to risk losing precious customer data, or risk falling to human error. Toss out the tired spreadsheets and scrap the
notebooks – a CRM digitises and streamlines your entire workflow.
 Process Automation
The overall goal of the aviation sector is to cut down on irrelevant steps and improve productivity. CRM software automates the entire
process which facilitates to control key business functions such as cost, operation and maintenance. The constant changes in
configuration are easily dealt with and it doesn’t require a dedicated system to achieve each mission successfully. The aviation industry
enjoys high standards of fleet dependability and optimal checking of inventory levels. Being compatible on mobile devices, users have
the complete ease and freedom of checking the software while on the go.
 Data Security
In the aviation sector, it is highly imperative that the data remains confidential and secure. CRM software for aviation industry is
designed to give users a high level of trustworthiness. There are tools which give certain users the permission to view company’s data.