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2. What levels are my learners?

• Common levels structure in schools

There are level system you may accross in dividing

Many schools divide learners into classes at
named language, using coursebooks labeled for
those levels. The common structure from low to
high level is :
Post Intermediate
Upper Intermediate
Pre Intermediate

Each of these levels can be subdivided into

Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2 and Intermediate
 Council of Europe catogorized learners asfollows:
C2 : Mastery ( Nearly native speakers )
C1 : Operational Proficiency ( Advanced )
B2 : Vantage ( Upper Intermediate )
B1 : Threshold ( Intermediate )
A2 : Waystage ( Pre Intermediate )
A1 : Breakthrough ( Beginner )
Other educational institution may structure
classes around exams that student take and
For adult, class make up is organised on the
basis of their perceived language level, in
children’s courses classes are often based on
student’s age.
• What is a learners level?
 Grouping by age : in school, student are grouped by age. This is very
likely to lead to problem if some learners are significantly weaker or
stronger than others.
 Keeping group together : it is often less troublesome for school
administration to keep learners together as a class rather that
separate them. Learners will progress in different speed even they
started at the same class there will be a different exit level in the end.
 Placement testing : placement by language level sound sensible, but
even this can be problematic because an overall level only gives a very
general idea of how good someone will be at. Placement tester
sometimes give priority to friendship or personal requirement when
creating classes.
 Insufficient levels : school doesn’t have sufficient level to fine tune the
classes more.
• What levels is the class?

General idea of General idea of Individual levels, in Individual levels

overall class level individual level various system and over spesific task

It depends on how close you and careful you look

In the act of teaching, we need to constantly notice
and respond to feedback in order to adjust and
redirect work moment by moment to make it effective
for individual as possible.