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Transform to Digital University


July 2018

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Digital University | Traditional University System

Executing high volume and large Prolonged and tedious admission

scale examinations processes

Lack of insights for strong governance and Lack of transparency in college

management decisions affiliation process

Instance of fake certificates posing threat Manual interventions leading to

on university brand image security risks and errors

Discrete unconnected applications and Substantial capital investments and

technology obsolescence lack of trained human resources

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Digital University | Our vision (1 of 2)

Academic Excellence Exam Management

Teacher Excellence: Highly trained faculty

spending more time on teaching Zero Exam Malpractice: No case of
tampered answer books or leaked
question paper
Phygital Mode of Learning : Learning
happens in a physical as well as digital
environment Quick Result Declaration: Declare result
the next day after last exam

No anxiety to students: Event based

communication by SMS and e-mail to keep No lost certificates: Integrate with NAD
informed portal to digitally save all certificates

Process Consistency: Ability to execute

processes same way each term each year

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Digital University | Our vision (1 of 2)

Governance Industry Relevance

Transparent Admissions: Merit based admission

process with complete transparency
Increase employability: Provide additional
College Portal: All University-College
learning tools to students to get jobs
interactions, including affiliation, made simple

Student Portal: No student needs to come to

University for an interaction

Always compliant: Any academic or

administrative data a single click away
Industry Connect: Portal for industry experts,
Secure Data: No data will ever be lost due to teachers, students to collaborate
floods or fire

Paperless University: Create a paper-less

organization and save cost and time

Information Access on demand: Anytime

anywhere any platform access , with no
constraint of campus presence

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Digital University | Overview
Digital PrepTest
5 6 Digital Exams
Assess. Analyse. Achieve
Automate Each Step of Paper-Pen Assessments
Digital Hub
Learn, Share, Collaborate

Digital Learning 3 7 Content

Empowering Learning Authoring Engine

8 Digital Marking
Fair. Simple. Fast

9 Digital Records
Secured, Tamper Proof
Digital Campus / SCRM 2
Institutional Excellence

11 Energy
BizApp Monitoring and Bills
Customized Apps – Bolt Ons
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TCS iON Digital University Offering
Provide services in a “Managed Services” delivery model

Colleges Students Students Exam Results

Affiliation Admission Academics Management Management

University Administration

serviced by


Digital Digital Digital Digital Digital Digital
Assessment Campus Learning Exams Marking Records

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TCS iON Digital University Services
Procurement | HR & Payroll |
Finance | Assets and
Inventory | Hostel & Transport
Affiliations | Alumni Mgmt Exam Management
Application | Affiliation Team/Squad | Exam Enrollment | QP Management |
Audit Schedule | Observation Records Admit Card Management | Exam Duty
| Grant/Reject Management | Internals & Attendance
1 4

Admission Results Management

Application | Counseling | Marks Capturing | Results Processing
2 5
Admissions | Fees Management | Digital University | Results Publishing | Results Review
Student Profile

3 6 Certification
Academics Mark Sheets Generation | Digital
Time Table | Leave & Attendance |
Certificates | Personalization |
Student Discipline | Letters
National Academic Depository
|Feedback | Library
Bolt Ons
Digital Assessment | Digital Marking
Digital Learning | Help Desk Services
Job Enablement Services

E2E Digital Services – Delivering Superior Experience to all Stakeholders through Managed Services
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Technology Enablers
User Profile Management Self Service Portals
Manage User Permissions Single page to view dashboards, raise
requests , take actions

SMS and Email Communication Mobile Platform Support

Automated communications based on events Key transactions supported via a mobile

application TCS iON mTop

Workflow Based Approvals Analytical Reports and Dashboards

Reports designer tool to create
Maker-Checker concept through multi level
dashboards quickly

Standard MIS Reports Helpdesk Module

Ticketing module that can assist in tracking
1000+ standard pre-configured reports that
issues and queries
provide business insights

Audit Control Module Online System Manual

Provide audit trail of system usage for Context sensitive, easy to search Help
enhanced system controls content

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Delivery Model

TCS will follow “Managed Services” delivery model for delivering these services

In Managed Services..

Perform Configure for

Configure the Train customer Generate
transactions in next term /
system on how to use reports
iON year

Customers will get the output / value what they want

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Roadmap for Digital University Transformation

Phase 3
Phase 2
18-24 months
• Digital Marking 12-18 months
• Digital Assessment • Affiliation
• Administration
• Job Enablement Services
• Digital Learning
• NAD Integration

Phase 1
6-12 months
• Admission
• Academics
• Exam Management
• Results Management
• Certification

University Transformation Path

10 TCS Confidential
Approach to move to Digital University

2 day study by TCS Agree on prioritization-

iON on current Arrive at a phase-wise Compliance report
process, challenges, implementation submission to MHRD
pain points roadmap / UGC
1 3 5 7

Formation of a 2 Half day workshop to 4 Phase-1 Go-Live in 6

6 MODEL Digital
“digitization” present how TCS can help months University for the
committee by transform to a digital NATION
university university

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