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Tesla Motors Study


Gloria Esther Tuwo

Putu Ayu Cindy

Qu Yumeng
1. Briefly describe the case

01 Tesla 02 History of
03 The
Motors Tesla Roadster

In the year 2003, an engineer named Martin Eberhard was looking The first Tesla prototype, named the
In 2015, Tesla Motors for his next big project. When he didn’t find the car if his dreams on Roadster, a fast and light sports car
was a $3.2 billion the market he began contemplating building one himself. He wants that seemed perfect for the creation of
company on track to set to produce a high-performance environmentally friendly car- a pure Eberhard and Musk's grand idea.
history. The road leading electric vehicle. Meanwhile, AI Cocconi had produced a car called After a series of clashes between
up to Tesla's position in the tzero. Eberhard wanted Cocconi with the idea of using the lighter Musk and Eberhard that led to delays
lithium ion batteries. Eberhard licensed the electric-drive-train in launching the Roadster, Eberhard
2015 had not always been
technology from AC Propulsion, and founded his company, Tesla was pushed out of the company. The
smooth. and there were Motors. Elon Musk interested in developing electric vehicles and car finally launched in 2008 and the
many doubts that still fund Eberhard's plan with $6.3 million. He would be the company's response has been amazing.
lingered. chairman and Eberhard would serve as CEO.
1. Briefly describe the case

04 The Model
05 The future
S of Tesla

Musk had a bigger ambition to build a major By 2015, Tesla Motors was
U.S. auto company, so Tesla announced developing a sport utility
launch the Model S and got support from vehicle the Model X. Though
U.S. government. Tesla bought a factory to Tesla's moves ad been bold
build the car. In the first quarter of 2013, and risky, its success was
Tesla announced its profit and Musk also inspiring.
announced that the company had sufficient
funds now to develop next generation of
2. Is the Tesla Model-S a radical innovation or an
incremental innovation? Competence enhancing or
destroying, and from whose perspective? Is it a
component or an architectural innovation?

01 Incremental 02 and 03 Architectural

Involve a minor change Destroying (automotive company) Entails changing the

to an existing practice Enhancing (other electric vehicles) overall design of the
system or the way the
Destroying – renders a firm’s components interact.
existing competences obsolete.
Enhancing – build on the firm’s
knowledge base .
What factors influence the rate at which consumers have
adopted (or will adopt) the Tesla Model-S?
1 More efficiency of electric car

2 More environmental friendly

3 Less cost

4 Substitute to premium car

5 Revolutionary technology change

Where is electric vehicle battery technology
on the technology s-curve?

The electric vehicle battery on technology s curve is at the take-off stage.

Much research and development has been done by various companies to
overcome the hurdles and limitations of battery technology. As a result,
batteries have become powerful enough to endure longer distances and
are miniaturized enough to be fitted in a car. Many early adopters have
already started using the product to its full potential. Although much
research still has to be done the technology is steadily gaining full
acceptance from market
5. Do you think Tesla Motors will be profitable? Why
or why not?

We believe Tesla will be profitable because they are

 making a highly desirable product which serves a
need. (Environmental friendly)
 Supercharge station for the cars in 30 minutes or
less (compare to competitor)
 There’s a fact that in the first quarter of 2013 they
received its quarterly profit amounted $11.2 Million.
This is the evidence
Thank You