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Within the period, the students are expected to:

provide the correct Wh word to complete the question.
construct a WH question from the given statements.
show cooperation in performing the differentiated
instructions involving WH questions.
What are the WH
questions mentioned
in the video?
Can you cite a
scenario of applying
WH Questions in our
day to day activities?
Question words are also known as
WH- Questions.

How are they formed?

•WH Questions are formed by
inserting wh-word in place of the
missing information.

• WH Questions ask from information

and we do not expect a yes-no
• We usually form wh-questions with
wh- + an auxiliary verb (be, do or
have) + subject + main verb or with
wh- + a modal verb + subject +
main verb:
When are you leaving?
Why didn’t you call me?
Where do they live?
Where should I park?
Who Person Who’s that? That’s Nancy.
Where Place Where do you live? In Boston.
Why Reason Why do you sleep early?
Because I’ve got to get up
When Time When do you go to work?
How Manner How do you go? By car.
What Object, idea or What do you do? I’m an
action engineer.
Which Choice Which do you prefer? The red
Whose Possession Whose is this book? It’s Allan’s.
Whom Object of the verb Whom did you meet? I met the manager.

What kind Description What kind of music do you like? I like quiet
What time Time What time did you come home?
How many Quantity How many students are there? There are
(countable) twenty.
How much Amount, price How much is a kilogram of sugar?
How long Duration, length How long did you stay in that hotel? For two
How often Frequency How often do you go to the gym? Twice a
How far Distance How far is your school? It’s one mile far.

How old Age How old are you? I’m 16.

How come Reason How come I didn’t see you at the party?

 ALL Grade 7 Students

 Essay Writing Contest about Valentines
 February 14, 2020 at 8:00 AM
 Bring a one whole sheet of paper and
a ball pen.
 2nd Floor, MAKABAYAN Building

 Who are joining the contest?

 What is the event in the advertisement?
 When will it be held?
 Where will it be held?
 What are the things to bring?
GROUP 1: From Period to Question Mark
Create a WH question from the following
1. My name is Freisha.
2. I am 13 years old.
3. My birthday is on the third of October.
4. I am angry because I did not pass my
5. I live in Maramag, Bukidnon.
Group 2. Picture Perfect (SPADE)

Formulate three questions from the picture

using WH- question words.
Group 3. Jazz Chants (DIAMOND)

Read the poem below with the correct

rhythm, stress, pitch, and intonation as
to performing a Jazz Chant.
Group 3. Jazz Chants (DIAMOND)

Read the poem below with the correct rhythm, stress,

pitch, and intonation as to performing a Jazz Chant.

Score Sheet:
Voice Modulation- 5
Mastery - 5
Organization - 5
15 points
Group 4. Filling the Graphic Organizer

Fill in the graphic organizer with the

correct details which could support the
basic questions words mention. (The
diagram will be illustrated in a Manila

1. What have you learned from the topic?

2. What are the 6 basic WH Question words?
3. What are their usage?
Choose the missing WH-word from the options in your
answer sheet to complete the thought of the sentences.
Use the table containing the list of WH Question words
and their usage as a guide.
1. _______________ are you messing around?
2. _______________ will you finish your work if you’re playing?
3. _______________ is she going?
4. _______________ did you arrive from the province?
5. _______________ books are there in the box?
6. _______________ laptop is this?
7. _______________ will we finish the activity?
8. _______________ is the restaurant?
9. _______________ among these flowers do you like best?
10. _______________ of beverages you want me to order?
List at least 5 questions that you want
to ask to the most important person in
your life.