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Holland America Line

As You Wish Dining

Prepared by: Jafar Al-Shibibi

• To offer our guests dining options and
– Open seating
– Fixed seating
– Pinnacle Grill
– Lido Alternative themed dinners
– In-Room Dining

As You Wish Dining
In The Dining Room

• Dining is divided into two options:

– Fixed (Confirmed two seating's first and

second) on one level

– Open Dining (Daily reservations made

onboard, first come, first serve and walk-ins)
on one level
As You Wish Dining
In The Main Dining Room
• Dining hours are seasonal and adjusted.

• One level is fixed and the other level is open seating:

– Fixed Caribbean/Mexico:
• First Seating is 5:45pm (Dining Room is closed 15 minutes after)
• Second Seating is 8:00 pm (Dining Room is open 15 minutes after)

– Open seating:
• Seating starts at 5:15 pm to 9:30 pm

Dining Details
• Ship Services sends dining manifest two
days prior to the new voyage
• The Dining Room Manager makes
changes as deemed necessary for the
• Final dining info will import from POLAR
into Fidelio then SilverWhere

As You Wish Dining
Onboard Marketing

• Guest ID cards noting

type of dining seating

As You Wish Dining
Onboard Marketing
Dear Guest,

Dining notice
Welcome aboard the ms Oosterdam for your Mexican Riviera Cruise!

• Guest ID cards noting

We are excited to advise you of a new dining concept – As You Wish
Dining – that will be featured during this sailing. We have
designed As You Wish Dining Service to provide our guests with that
extra flexibility that we all want on our vacations.

type of dining seating Simply stated, As You Wish Dining allows you to enjoy Holland
America Line’s traditional fixed dining that we are already
renowned for, or you may opt for a more flexible open seating
program that can be altered to fit your daily schedule.

The Upper Level of the Dining Room will feature traditional fixed
seating dining, with Early Seating at 5:45 pm, and Late Seating at
8:00 pm. Guests dining there will enjoy the same great menus, food,
and service they have come to expect from Holland America Line.

• Dining notice placed The Lower Level of the Dining Room will feature Open Seating
Dining. This level of the dining Room will open at 5:15pm and close
at 9:30pm.
Guests may visit this lower level at any time between 5:15 and 9:30

in the stateroom to be seated at the first available table. The Menu choices in the
Open seating Dining Room are the same choices available in the
Traditional Dining Room.
Guests may also telephone ahead, by dialing 74701 or 74703 from 8am
to 4pm, to pre-book a table or seating in the Open Seating Dining
Room for tonight. Please consult the Daily Program for more

If you have questions, our Dining Room Staff will be available

during Embarkation Day from Noon until 4:00p.m. today to assist
Traditional Dining Guests will find a Dining Room Manager waiting
to help them outside the Deck 3 Dining Room entrance.
Open Seating Dining Guests will find a Dining Room Manager waiting
to help them outside the Deck 2 Dining Room entrance.

At Holland America Line, we are always looking for ways to make

your vacation just a little more luxurious. It is with that goal
that we are proud to present As You Wish Dining.

Enjoy your cruise,

As You Wish Dining
Onboard Marketing
• Upon boarding
the guest are
reminded of the
concept via the
daily “Daily

As You Wish Dining
Onboard Marketing
• The concept is
explained to the
guests in the daily
program under
itinerary at a glance
and the food

Upon Embarkation
Dining Room Inquiries
• A dining information desk
is setup in the terminal.
The desk will have the
following information:
– Menus
– Wine list
– Dining notice letter
– Dining Room Layout plans

Upon Embarkation
Dining Room Inquiries
• Two dining Room inquiry desks are setup
on deck 2:
– Fixed seating inquiry desk
– Open seating inquiry desk

Upon Embarkation
Fixed Seating Inquiries
– Fixed seating
inquiry desk will be
located in the
Explorers lounge
– Desk will handle
guest change
requests and
special needs

Upon Embarkation
Open Seating Inquiries
– Open seating
inquiry desk will be
located outside of
the Dining Room
Manager Office
– Desk will handle
embarkation day
special requests
and needs
As You Wish Dining
Reservation Line
• The Dining Reservation Line:
– The daily reservation strategy is
managed by the Dining Room
Manager and enforced by his team
– The “Reservation Line” is located on
deck 3 in the back of the Dining
– Phones are manned by select
employees who speak good English
and are able to explain the concept
– Phone is manned from 8:00am till
4:00pm (hours maybe adjusted
based on itinerary)
– Two phone lines are available
– Voice mail is also required
– Cordless phones are the preferred
means of communication

Dining Reservation Strategy
• On a daily basis the Dining Room Manager determines reservation
strategy and total amount of bookings to be taken
• Strategy is dictated by ship port schedule and activities onboard
• The objective is not to reserve all of the same table sizes thus
creating shortages for walk-ins.
• The Operator will direct Guests to 5:15 pm, 5:30 pm or 7:45 pm
• No reservations are taken between 5:45 pm and 7:45 pm as the
Dining Room is full
• The primary objective is to provide options and accommodate the
majority of walk-in guests
• Reservations are taken a day at a time to ensure that all guests have
the opportunity to reserve their favorite times

As You Wish Dining
Reservation Line
• Upon the guest Calling the Reservation Line provided
is the general spiel used:
– “Good Morning, afternoon “As You Wish Dining”
reservations how may I help you?”
– guest will be asked if they would like to make a
reservation for (Dining Room)
– guest will be asked for stateroom number
– Stateroom number will be verified in SilverWhere
to ensure that guests are not in fixed Dining
– Guests will be asked about party size
– The guest will be advised of available reservation
– guest will be asked if they are Celebrating any
– If requested time is available the Dining
reservation will be confirmed and details
– Guests will be advised that reservations will be
released 15 minutes after the reservation time if
they are a no-show
– The operator will once again thank the Guests
and advise them that “We look forward to seeing
you tonight”
– At the end of the reservation a “Table
Reservation Card” confirmation card will be sent
to the guests stateroom

Dining Room Operations
Open Seating
• Open Seating is located
on the lower dining level
• At the dining room foyer
a sign will direct the
guests to two entrances:
– Confirmed Reservations
– Walk-in Guest

As You Wish Dining
Confirmed Reservations
• Confirmed Reservations will
handle guests with “Table
Reservation Cards”
• Upon entering the Dining
Room The guest will be
asked at the designated
podium for the “Table
Reservation Card” and will
be confirmed in the system
• Guest will be escorted to
their assigned table or first
available table that can
accommodate the party
As You Wish Dining
• Upon entering the Dining Room
guests with no reservations will
proceed to the walk-in podium.
Guests will be asked:
– Stateroom number (or numbers)
– Number of guests in the party
– The auto assign in SilverWhere
will locate an appropriate table
and assign accordingly.
– The Strategy will always be to
maximize capacity by having
guests share tables
• Guest will be escorted to their
assigned table or first available
table that can accommodate the

As You Wish Dining
Special Request
• Upon guests being
checked in at podium and
assigned a table a “guest
information Receipt Card”
will print if any guest
special requests are in
• Receipt will be given to
escort who will hand to
section steward for
As You Wish Dining
Pager Operations
• Upon guests check-in at podium and the
none availability of tables, the guests, will
be advised of the following options:
• Provides the Guests with a pager and
Guests will be told:
– Estimated time they will be paged
– Range of pager
– For their convenience the Explorers lounge
is available as a waiting area

• If guests are unsatisfied, refer Guests to

alternative Dining options

• Upon availability of a table in the system

the guest will be paged to return to the

As You Wish Dining
The Lido
• Lido Dinner hours are extended from
5:30 pm to 9:00 pm
• guest are registered in SilverWhere
and are tracked in the outlets
• The Lido casual experience is
enhanced with an escort to the table
• In order to attract guests from the
dining room the following new
themed nights have been created:
– International night
– Italian night
– Mexican night
– Seafood night (Marido Americano)
– Asian night
– BBQ night

As You Wish Dining

• NODM from May 13 onwards

• RYDM from Oct 11 onwards
• VODM from Sept 28 onwards
• EURD from the first revenue sailing