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Social Function:
To critique an art work or event for a public audience Such works of art include movies, TV shows,
books, plays, operas, recordings, exhibitions, concerts and ballets
Generic Private Lives Sparkle
Structure Since the first production of ‘Private Lives’ in 1930, with theatre’s two
Orientation leading sophisticates Noel Coward and Gertrude Lawrence in the leads,
the play has tended to be seen as a vehicle for stars.
QUT Academy of the Arts’ production boasted no ‘stars’, but certainly
Evaluation fielded potential stars in a sparkling performance that brought out just
how fine a piece of craftsmanship Coward’s play is.
Evaluation More than 60 years later, what new could be deduced from so familiar a
Interpretative Director Rod Wissler’s highly perceptive approach went beyond the
Recount glittery surface of witty banter to the darker implications beneath.
Evaluation With the shifting of attitudes to social values, it became clear that Victor
and Sibyl were potentially the more admirable of the couples, with
standards better adjusted than the volatile and self-indulgent Elyot and
Evaluation The wit was there, dexterously ping-ponged to and fro by a vibrant
Amanda (Catherine Jones) and a suave Elyot (Daniel Kealy).
Evaluative Julie Eckersly’s Sybil was a delightful creation, and Philip Cameron-
Summation Smith’s more serious playing was just right for Victor. Jodie Levesconte
was a superb French maid. James Maclean’s set captured the Thirties
atmosphere with many subtle touches.
All involved deserve the highest praise.
Significant Grammatical Features:
• Focus on Particular Participants
• Direct expression of opinions through use of attitudinal lexis
• Use of elaborating and extending clause and group complexes to package the
• Use of metaphorical language
Answer the questions as away of
responding a story.

1. What is the title of the story?

2. Who is the author?
3. What is the schematic structure?
4. When and where is the setting?
5. Who is the main character?
6. Who are the minor characters?
7. What did you enjoy about the story?
8. What parts, if any, did you not like?
9. Did the coda teach you something about life?
10. Would you recommend the story to anyone?
Schematic Structure of
Review Text
1) Orientation
2) Interpretative recount
3) Evaluation
4) Evaluative summation
Linguistic Features of an
Review Text
Focus on particular participants (on
movies, TV shows, plays, operas,
recordings, exhibitions, concerts and
Direct expression of opinions through
use of attitudinal lexis
Use of elaborating and extending
clause and group complexes to package
Use metaphorical language
Function of Text
• Review To critique an art work or
event for a public audience
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
By J.K. Rowling
Reviewed by Emily Kremerabcd
1 The book takes place in modern times, in England. The main
character is Harry Potter. Harry Potter is a wizard. He goes to a
school for witches and wizards, called Hogwarts.
It is Harry’s second year at Hogwarts and he and his two best
friends, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley are having a great time
learning magic. There is a new professor, Gilderoy Lockhart who all
3 the witches are crazy about! Professor Lockhart keeps nagging
Harry, because the professor thinks that Harry tries to get attention
4 to be famous! While all the witches at school love the new professor,
all of the wizards think he is a big joke! b
After a month of school at Hogwarts, strange attacks begin to
5 happen. First, the caretaker’s cat, Mrs. Norris, has been found, not
dead, but petrified! Not only was Filch’s cat attacked, but some of the
6 Muggle-born students at Hogwarts have been found petrified, also.
Naturally, all of the students are frightened at this, but they become
even more scared when the next victim to be found petrified is the
7 Gryffindor ghost, Nearly Headless Nick!
What kind of monster is powerful enough to kill someone who
8 is already dead? Who will be the next victim of the monster at
Hogwarts? Will the victims ever be revived? To find out you must c
read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets! I have to say that the
9 story was bright, fast-paced, intriguing, and ultimately satisfying.
I like this book because it kept me wanting to read next page,
and the next, and so on. The book is definitely a page-turner! d
I recommend this book to nine years old and over.

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