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A proposal for creating

informational multimedia
Knols in local languages
for counseling
in Rajasthan, India.

• Raksha is a India based not-for-profit

“Registered society for knowledge
and health activities”.

• Chief Mentor- Dr.Neelesh Bhandari

• Initiate innovative technology enabled

solutions for knowledge in Health.
Rajasthan State Aids Control Society.

• Conducts all AIDS related activities in Rajasthan


• 72 Integrated Counseling and Testing Centers

( 51 District Hospitals, 2 sub district hosp,6 CHCs
and 13 at medical college level).

• 84 more ICTCs to be added shortly.

• To produce low cost, high quality,
educational multimedia content for
purposes of counseling and training.
Specific Objective-
• Use newer multimedia technologies to assist in
counseling of clients at any ICTC / related

• Use of video/flash animations/graphics/

PowerPoint to create locally / nationally
relevant intellectual property.

• 20 FAQs regarding HIV answered in 20 knols of

10-12mins each in local languages.
-Technology to assist ICTC staff in counseling
Proposed Interface for counseling video modules

- Powerpoint
- Speaker video
- Animations
- Graphics
- Clinical video, etc

(Adopted from SmarTeach LMS by MEdRC)

Digital content
• Intellectual property thus created can be used
for TV / Computer based counseling.

• Can be used number of times at national-

international locations/ forums.

• All content created using original / creative

commons / permitted multimedia. All copyright
regulations will be followed diligently.
• -
A worrisome trend.
Drop outs at each stage

Posttest counseling
68% clients complete process
Counseled after tests
Number of clients serviced
78% of clients get tested Tested
Pre Test counseling

Pretest counseling
Floating zone

0 20000 40000 60000 80000 100000 120000 140000

Total number of clients at ICTCs

22% dropouts after stage 1

14% dropouts after stage 2

• All clients who visit the ICTC to get technology

enabled pretest counseling and proceed to get
• Drop out rates in the past and after use of
e-counseling to be measured.
• Any statistically significant change in dropout
rates to be taken as proof.
Advantages of the project-
• IEC media development

• Demand generation

• Lower drop out rates

Future plans-
Training/ elearning
• Creation of local language modules for training
of counselors and lab technicians touching all
aspects of health and pathology in HIV/AIDS.

• All lectures enhanced by appropriate


• Lectures to be accompanied by MCQ tests to

gauge learner comprehension.
Screenshot of e-learning interface
used for counselor trainings.

• The proposal envisages an international funding
agency / RSACS to provide for / arrange for
funding for this project, to be carried out by
• Estimated time for completion of project
- 3 month
• Estimated time for results to appear
- 3 months after deployment of content.
For detailed project report mail


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