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New York's
main tourist
New York City, the
city that never sleeps.
New York City comprises 5 districts located at
the meeting of the Hudson River and the
Atlantic Ocean. Downtown is Manhattan, a
densely populated district that is among the
world's leading commercial, financial and
cultural centers. Among its emblematic
points are skyscrapers, such as the Empire
State Building, and the huge Central Park.
The Broadway theater is amid the neon lights
of Times Square.
The Statue of Liberty,
The Statue of Liberty is the greatest symbol
of the United States. At 93 meters high, it
represents the freedom and hope of the
thousands of immigrants who arrived in
America in search of a better life.
Present from France to the United States, the
Statue is located on Liberty Island, an island
in New York Bay. To get to know it up close
you will need to take a boat ride.
The monument represents the Roman
goddess of freedom: "Libertas". She holds a
torch in her right hand (which is raised), and
on her left she holds the Declaration of
Independence of the United States with the
date of the country's Independence written
in Roman numerals: July 4, 1776.

Did You now?

The official name of the Statue of Liberty is
"Liberty Enlightening the World.
Central Park in New
New York's main tourist spot is Central Park.
It is an incredible park in the middle of
Manhattan and is known throughout the
world. Its size is really big and it takes a few
hours to explore the whole park. Click on the
map or download the application and take
some time out of your itinerary to stroll
around and see the sights. You will see
people running, sunbathing, reading, walking
with the dogs and many squirrels that stay
there. Besides, the picnics are famous,
especially at lunch, since many stalls circulate
the place. And inside the Central Park there
are several touristic points and cool
museums, so leave a cool time from your
separate tour to visit the park.
Bryant Park and the
New York Public
Located in downtown Manhattan, Bryant
Park is one of New York's most frequented
parks. It has 8 hectares with trees, spaces to
walk, rest, picnic and observe a little of the
New Yorkers' life. In its interior there are
always cultural presentations and artistic
exhibitions. During the winter, a large ice
skating rink is installed which becomes one of
the most visited points in New York. Bryant
Park is very well located, with several
restaurants, shops and cultural spaces
around, such as the wonderful New York
Public Library, which is also on the list of the
main tourist spots in New York.
Times Square and
Broadway in New
York City.
There's no way: to think of New York is to
remember the busy area of Times Square, the
wide avenue that doesn't stop, no matter what
time you pass. With lights, brightness and many
colors, besides taxis and tourists from all over
the world passing by, it is an interesting place to
meet. Besides the several incredible stores, such
as Macy's, Forever 21, the Disney and M&M's
store, the avenue has very good and sought after
restaurants, such as the famous Olive Gardens
and Hard Rock Cafe New York. As if that were
not enough, this one that is one of the biggest
tourist spots in New York also offers incredible
attractions. Here happens the New Year's Eve fall
and also the most famous shows in the world.
We're talking about Broadway, the world famous
theater venue. Don't miss a visit to this typical
and unique New York tourist spot.
Empire State Building
in New York.
The Empire State Building is a 102-story
skyscraper in downtown Manhattan, New
York, on Fifth Avenue. Its name is derived
from New York State's last name, the Empire
State. The Empire State Building, eternalized
by the movie King Kong, is one of New York's
best tourist spots. In this huge building that
gathers entrepreneurs to thousands of
curious tourists worldwide, you can check
out the city from above, and see museums,
other famous buildings and even Central
Park. The visit is a must! Another similar
building is the Rockefeller, which is also
worth the visit, but if you have to choose one
go to the Empire!
Brooklyn Bridge in
New York
The Brooklyn Bridge is one of New York's
most important landmarks, for connecting
the Manhattan area to the Brooklyn
neighborhood. The bridge is widely used by
residents who live in Brooklyn and work in
Manhattan, but due to its size and lighting it
has become one of the main tourist
attractions in New York City. The bridge is
huge and at the time it was built it was
considered the largest suspension bridge in
the world. Its large towers on the supporting
parts of the Brooklyn Bridge are considered
one of the highest points in New York City.
The tip is to cross it on foot, to enjoy the view
and take pictures, or rent a bike and cross the
cycle track.
Wall Street and the
Manhattan Bronze
Another tourist spot in Manhattan is the
famous Wall Street. It is the most important
financial street in the world, where the New
York Stock Exchange is located. There is also
the famous copper bull, which everyone
takes pictures pulling over for good luck. It's
a quick walk, but you have to do it. There are
thousands of nice places to visit in New York,
so don't worry, because there will always be
what to do there, no matter how many days
you stay there. The list of what to do in New
York is huge.
Prospect Park in New York

Prospect Park is a park located in one of the

most traditional neighborhoods in New York,
Brooklyn and is close to other tourist
attractions such as the Brooklyn Botanical
Garden and Barclays Center. The park is
giant, being one of the biggest in the city and
it is very frequented by local residents and
tourists. Being in Brooklyn it is not so close to
the other tourist points of New York, but if
you have some time left it is cool to include it
in your itinerary.
Top of the Rock e
Rockefeller Center
Rockefeller Center is a business complex that
brings together shops, restaurants, buildings
and leisure areas.
In winter the place is very visited, because it
gets a skating rink. The Christmas decoration
is special and also wins the hearts of tourists!
Rockefeller has one of the most famous
observatories in NY: Top of the Rock! It is
located on the top floor of the GE Building.
Top of the Rock shows you a different New
York. From up there you can admire several
tourist spots of Manhattan, like the bridges
and the Central Park.
Memorial Museum
The 9/11 Memorial Museum,
inaugurated in 2014, portrays in
detail the attack on the Twin Towers
on September 11, 2001.
Located on the same site as the
9/11 Memorial, the museum is
underground and has an impacting
and sensitizing atmosphere.
The museum has a large collection
with objects about the victims and
the World Trade Center building.